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1U modules wishlist


Speaking for myself, I’d love a small clock divider/multiplier with perhaps two div outputs, each with a div/mult pot. An out jack that is a duplicate out of the in, or a fixed /2 div, and provide an even number of jacks/pots for the layout. CV of div/mult would be nice but definitely not required. I use the 84hp cases so smaller is better (for me). Someone with more case room can run a couple of these if they want/need more divisions.


Unless they are for modulation. I like the Expert Sleepers FH-1 approach, where depending on what channel you use and what data you send it, the 8 outputs can be pitch/gate pairs, pitch/gate/velocity trios, individual CC-CV values, or individual triggers. Or any combination of the above. I would definitely love to see this in 1U and taking advantage of the midi on the back of the case.


I’d dig passive vactrol-enabled modules or small logic modules. Or a piezo input. The 7U lids+Piezos+Verb could be inspiring. I’m waiting for anything 8hp.


How about a 1U module that has voltage control over the following:

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On a more serious note, I just got a 7U 84hp case. I don’t use MIDI and don’t need the output features (but they’re great to have, just not needed presently).

I spent some time on Modulargrid and it was actually hard to fill up the 1U row with stuff I thought I’d actually use.

I’m wondering have any third parties expressed interest developing for the Intellijel 1U size? It seems like 1U modules for a broad set of use cases would actually help sales of the cases and first-party modules rather than making it so people only buy the third-party stuff.


I think I read somewhere that Meng Qi was able to offer an adapted 1U version of one of their modules when requested by a customer. Maybe if you ask some of these manufacturers they would be able to adapt their designs?


On the flip side, I now need a 3rd Intellijel case for all the cool new 1U modules, and I don’t even have the audio i/o ones.


XO Lab is also making drum modules that will apparently be compatible with both Intellijel 1u and PL 1u.


Bumping this a while down the line, to second performance-oriented logic of some sort in 1U! Would be really handy and fun for creating grooves on the fly.


I saw this on eBay a few months ago:


I’m probably in a minority here, but one thing I’ve found myself frequently wishing is for the 1U multiples to be smaller. 4 copies of a signal is more than I need and I’m often just a few hp short of being able to add in another 1U tile that I like. When you think about it in terms of area (U x hp) the 1U variants take up more than double the space of their 3U counterparts.

It would be very cool to see a “mod tools” tile that has rectification and some basic logic like min/max, inverter, etc.

Also, this is totally backwards, but it would be great to have a 3U variant of the noise tools. I’ve found myself wanting this in my non-Intellijel cases. What are the chances that could happen?


I would actually love something that could end up being pretty large! A 12 input, stereo performance mixer with level and pan per channel that could connect to the stereo outputs on one of the cases. An effect send per channel would be great as well If possible. Alternatively, a 4 or 6 input version of such a thing with the ability to add on channels or pairs of channels would be pretty cool!


Nice work nemesis, what did you use to make those graphics? Would you be able to send me some template pngs so I could make some of my own?

All the best


Hey Thanks, I actually drew vector graphics in adobe illustrator referencing existing intellijel modules. So I don’t really have template PNGs that I work from at the moment.


Actually I’ve had a similar thought. A 3-way mult might be useful and free up just enough HP to put something else in. Actually, I’d love to have a Triatt, as a 1U option. I could have a couple of Triatts more easily in a case (84hp) where two Quadratts are too many but one is too few. That said, I make do :slight_smile:

I realize Intellijel can only do so much, though.


I would definitely consider doing a 2 x 3 way mult since it is super cheap and is a great way to make use of the odd sizes that pop up at time (e.g. 8hp ?)


“Mod tools” is certainly the type of thing that makes sense to be in 1U.

max/min, average, rectify, invert, and some simple logic blocks too and a toggle flipflop.

re: 3U of noise tools
A lot of people have requested this actually. My concern is that it is too simple/vanilla for a 3U module but perhaps a straightforward tool can compliment all the more exotic noise type modules out there.


woah that looks cool!


Is the current uscale 3u able to be rotated and placed in a 1U row? If so, can Intellijel please make a replacement faceplate for this and other modules of similar size? Would be awesome


I was just thinking how a simple EQ would be very cool in 1U. I often use “interesting” filters just to cut down the excess of subs on a Tip Tip TG One or else and I would love to have a simple 1U module for such duties. An EQ/Distortion 1U (say àla Feedback 4hp modules but in 1U) would be simple and useful.

Anyway I’m psyched for the upcoming oscilloscope !