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1U modules wishlist


Unfortunately not, the PCB is larger than a typical Intellijel 1U size. You would have to slim down the PCB and obviously redesign the front panel in order to accomplish this.


I love all these ideas. I might actually end up playing live sometimes now, and would be nice to leverage the case jacks without having to have the large I/O module. I’d never use the inputs, so anything that would let me “go out the back” in a small amount of HP would be awesome. Probably an easy DIY project, but wouldn’t look as nice and matchey-matchey as Intellijel stuff.


This would be so so handy.


I love this, but would make the EOD the left-most of the 3 outputs


How about a module with an in to an octave selector (5 position zero & +/- 2) normaled to a second selector, also 5 position, but with panel trimmers to adjust to intervals. Buffered outs for both. Also an A-440 tune reference out. Oh, and a slew limiter with separate rise and fall times.


That’d be great! Still looking to fill that 8hp hole in my 1U row :slight_smile:


Bumping to say that these 1U VCAs would be dope, assuming their basically one channel of the Quad VCA (need that saturation :wink: )


I am really interested in 4 outputs, so if the retrofit/upgrade that you mentioned would allow for quad output if I purchased two of the hypothetical stereo outs, count me in!!


Any ETA on when the scope module may ship? Really excited for that.


VCA pleeeease :slight_smile:


BIG +1 for turning the 1/4” jacks on the back of the case into 4 individual balanced line level outs. A simple 1U module with 4 1/8” jacks, maybe even mini pots and and a LED per channel, that connects to jacks on back would be an inta-buy for me. I’ve got two 7U cases.


Its’ a good idea. Double octave selector in 1U format.
2 buttons: -1 and +1. 2 leds: left LED in red = -2 octave, orange = - 1, green = 0, right LED green = 0, orange +1, red +2

if it’s a very simple module adding arpeggiator or quantizer will be good.


Considering Vladimi Pantelic already pushed hus Zero Scope 1U at Intellijel, maybe his awesome T43, 43 semitone transposer, could go same way?


How about simple 2-track recorder. Save to SD chip.


Anybody know how big the scope will be ??I squinted at the Superbooth videos and it looks a bit smaller than a Morgasmatron so I am guessing 18hp.

Obessive compulsive planners want to know…


The current design is 16HP, but we’re still prototyping :slight_smile:


I would love to see a Pedal I/O+ w/ stereo send/return and CV over wet/dry.


Yeah, too many mono pedal sends in euro. A stereo one would be dope with Mixup


Quantizer was mentioned by modularboy above as a feature of a bigger module, but I would love to have a small tile that is just 2 in jacks, 1 out jack and a scale selector knob (kind of like a single channel Doepfer A-156) :slight_smile:


What do you think about this one?

It shall become a high precised mixer in 1U and 3U format, with on-off-on switches to choose between two outputs and a mutestate. The trimpots are for offsetvalues if no cables are patched into the inputs, so you can transpose your oscillators or Metropolis. :wink: