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1U modules wishlist


Suggestion: 1U module combining a unity mixer (or averaging mixer)/OR combiner/and inverter. Same 5x2 layout as the multiple/buff mult - first 4 jacks of top and bottom rows being the 3:1 OR combiner/mixer, with the inverter using the last two jacks.


That concept sketch looks pretty good. The slide switches would have to be side-by-side and the jacks on the right would need more space but otherwise this could work.

SInce the theme of 1U is to provide always used utility (for the most part) it might be nice to add a VCA to this too so it is a combo envelope + vca for creating extra voices out of any spare sound source you might have.


to fill in empty space in a practical way > 4hp (or 8 or 10?) passive toggles (or / and a simple switch for jumpers like the one by ladik, maybe configurable) would be ace. i´ve been filling all sorts of gaps with the noisereap togs. absolute favorite for live use.

just loud thinking…would it be possible to implement the jellysquashers distortion circuit into a small 1u module? like 1 in 1 out a knob plus led, done? or maybe even a small fx tile (same size as the reverb) with a micro usb port and various effects you can load onto it?

probably mentioned already > a simple (and small) envelope (one channel of quadra)



Super simple switchable A/D A/R and a VCA instead of just a ADSR. (Possibility for expander?)
In dual perhaps. Or smaller and buy 2. Either way that would be a great 1U.


This is of interest to me, as I was going to build exactly that. I already bought the parts to do it.
But then i saw your Pedal i/o and how it only uses half of the header.
This got me thinking:
Could you make this “direct connect 1/8th inch” module so that it is 4 X 1/8" jacks that connect to the 4 1/4" jacks BUT if you only put the module’s header on 1 side of the case pins it would only connect 2 of the 1/8" to 1/4" leaving the other 1/2 of the case header to be used for a Pedal i/o ?
So you could have a send and return and also 2 x 1/4" to be used as outputs.
If you made this, I would buy the 1st one, along with a Pedal I/O :slight_smile:


I would definitely retrofit my case to take advantage of a smaller output-only module. Especially if it would also allow me to repurpose the case’s inputs as a pedal send & return. The only thing I’m not sure of is having two pots on the output module. I get that people would use this when processing the two separately, but I like having a single master volume for my case. Any left/right balancing I do before it gets there.


I’m all for an EG and a VCA in 1U, but would prefer to have them as separate modules. Sometimes I would use them together for the purpose you described, but other times I would use them individually.


If you moved the the yellow EOD LED and turned the switches sideways you could likely fit the switches stacked on top of each other. Adding a VCA would be cool, but another option could be to have a 1U VCA expander for a 1U ADSR :slight_smile:


Sweet! Sign me up for an output module ! Oh and while we have things open I wonder how feasible it would be to be able to wire it behind the scenes to a headphone out module such that when the headphone out module has nothing plugged into it’s inputs it normalled to the output of the Output Module. So you can use it to listen to the “main mix” and then jack something into the Headphone module to preview it, and then add it into the mix. (mixing done via Mutamix of course :slight_smile:


Heck ya that would be great.
that would need a whole other HP module design but that’s a great idea for v.2 of it.


Maybe I missed it, but are there any plans for a digital delay module in 1u? Love my digitank/ digiverb, but it needs a buddy! :grin: