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1U modules wishlist


I agree with splitting the Audio I/O into separate Ins and Outs modules. I never use the Ins, and could definitely use the HP for something else.


If we’re talking about the Audio IO I would love to have Audio IO with headphone INSTEAD of Input. Esp now that we have the Pedals module, I’m not sure if Audio input is as valuable anymore


A 1U ADSR module.


It occurred to me that a Footswitch 1U might be useful. It could just have a 1/4" input for a standard midi footswitch/sustain pedal and an 1/8" gate output.


Could follow the Monome Walk and have a momentary gate and a toggled gate


Any update on what’s being worked on in the 1U 8HP format?


Speaking of Pedal I/O and less need for audio input, would it be possible to wire the 16hp Pedal I/O module to the audio in jacks on the back of the case (one channel for send and the other for return), rather than requiring the additional 8hp Pedal Jacks module? Not only would I like to save the space, I would prefer to have the jacks on the back of the case. I know this would require some soldering with the case’s current wiring, but maybe in the future make those jacks more multipurpose, depending on which modules you connect to them.


We got your back, this is already an option: https://intellijel.com/product/pedal-i-o-7u-case-adapter/


Sweet! Although this looks close, but not quite exactly what I need. This repurposes both the input and output jacks, right? I still want to use the audio outs as is. I just want to use 1 audio in as a pedal send and the other audio in as a pedal return. Would this work for that?


You’re right, (I’ll get @ScottMFR to make up a better drawing for the site He told me to RTFM, and it’s covered there) but here’s a quick photo. You can hook up 2 pedal I/O modules to the 4 jacks on the 7U Case, and each one takes over a L or R pair of jacks.

In the pic, Yellow is OUT from the synth and Orange is back in.

If you get creative, you could modify an 8pin ribbon cable, to just take over the inputs. I’ll put the suggestion forward for an alternate adaptor, but it’s pretty niche.


Does that mean that the only way to get the Pedal I/O to work in stereo is to use two?


Yeah, the Pedal I/O is single channel.

For Sereo, you could use the Audio I/O 1U in a similar way but if you wanted a Wet/Dry mix, you’d have to mult out your dry signal and mix the 4 channels again with something like a Quad VCA or a Mixup.


Thanks @slowwild. I don’t know how niche it really is. I bet if you surveyed owners of the Pedal I/O how they would like to use the 4 jacks on the back of the case, more of them would say 2 audio outs + 1 effect send + 1 effect return than those that would say either of the current options of 2 audio outs + 2 audio ins or 2 effect sends + 2 effect returns. But that’s just my guess. It should be easy enough to ask around and verify.


Looks neat!

The sliders would be tiny though :stuck_out_tongue:


I am considering splitting the Audio I/O module into two modules: One is a stereo in and one is a stereo out.

Both would have two pots for setting the levels and simple activity/clip led.

It would make life easier if the rear jack board for the 7U case was changed so it had two headers (one header for the ins and one for the out) but this may upset people who already own one. This board is not expensive though and I could probably sell a retrofit/upgrade for about $10-15

It may also be handy to make an inexpensive 1U module that connects directly to either of these so you can use them as simple 1/8 to 1/4 tie lines.


Splitting the Ins and Outs into two modules would be great, and I would definitely retrofit my case with a two header in/out jacks. I was just thinking that having a simple stereo output + the pedal i/o would be a very nice as a set up for the 4 jacks on my case.

A thought: if you were to put separate level controls for the left and right channels of a stereo output module, it would be super super super handy to have a switch or jumper that would allow one of the pots to control both channels. That would make fade ins/outs a million times easier to do by hand.

& 2 questions about the pedal i/o:

1.) does the input return jack automatically get routed to the mix out on the module, with the balance set by the wet/dry knob? I assume that’s how it works, but just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly.

2.) does the high impedance of the return jack make it unsuitable for line level signals to come in? I would think that you could use the return level to attenuate a line level signal before clipping too terribly but anyone have experience with this?

Also, I support an 1u clock divider (with odd divisions included plz :wink:)


Great news. This would save some space. Would it be possible to ‘link’ the two level controls for the output module for stereo use? Would be a PITA to try and get them just right if they were individual.

I don’t see a whole lot of added value in creating separate connections for each. If you want both you can get the existing combined module, surely? If you only wanted one then… :confused:


The link switch might be doable but to me that is a bit of an awkward UI. I could just keep it as a single stereo knob I guess, same for the stereo line in module. Then if people need extra line i/o they can use the mono modules.

I obviously want to avoid having too many options of the same module :stuck_out_tongue:


re: pedal i/o

  1. Yes the wet/dry controls the balance of the original signal vs. the returned (wet) signal.
  2. Works just fine with line level (unbalanced) that I have tested so far. You can easily dial in the right amount of gain that will not be clipping. I actually like using this for processing drum machines and I purposely overdrive the fet input to get a crunchier sound.

re: clock divider
What features would you want to see in a 1U module?


Maybe You could do a 1U ADSR with knobs instead of sliders. :slight_smile: