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1U modules wishlist


WOW, those are cool looking. Thanks for the heads up.


Good job on the Pedal I/O!
Looks like I could use that and I’m glad there’s a solution for using the 7U onboard jacks.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else you cook up for 1U before coming by for some more of your great modules.


What’s the length of the link cable for the pedal I/O module ?
My 7U case has jacks on the left side but if I got this module I would want it to be on the right side. Is that possible ?


ya for the record I would want it at the right end as well


It’s 12", but it’s just a 3-pin female to female molex cable so you could buy a longer one if you need it. I found this 18" one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/18-inch-DC-Fan-Wire-Coupler-Female/dp/B0748ZYXVP


Thanks for the answer. It would be nice to either mention on the product’s webpage that the module can not be placed anywhere in the case or to provide a longer cable.

The 1U modules are pretty cool but I already had an issue with the reverb not fitting in the right side of the case because the brick is positioned a fraction of a mm too high.

It’s a bit annoying to see that Intellijel apparently does not check that the 1U modules fit anywhere in the cases… As I said, I really like the case and the 1U modules but these placement limitations can be frustrating.


I like the idea of a mono Quadratt for the 8hp issue.


The new mixup module could be good with a 1U alt panel. How feasible is such a thing?


When adapting a 3u module to 1u, max width of the 3u version is 4hp

Mixup is 6hp


Not a module but intellijel format rack cheeks for the lazy custom case builder.

Octave/semitone transposition would be nice in 10hp.


You mean these?

Or do you mean rails w/ ears rather than a 4U case w/ ears?


More like these…

But for intellijel 1u. Although a 3u + 1u on one bit of ali would be good too, maybe a bit more sturdy.


SIAP, but I’d like a simple hi quality mic pre in 1U.

My second request I know has been mentioned but, one more vote for a simple VCA.


You got your wish :slight_smile:


Ah ok I follow now, a 1U only kit.
So super easy to make for so many people though, I know Danjel has mentioned that this is the type of thing he would expect people to run with DIY.
But yes, a kit would be great eventually. I’m sure it’s always a matter of priorities first.

I made my own rack ears for the 4U case really easy. It’s only slightly more involved to do 1U out of readily available angle aluminum.


I would really like to see a bi directional midi module that can be a usb host. i know the umidi is a great module but i would love something that can use the full potential of the midi ins and outs of my fancy intellijel case. and it would be killer if it could bi directionally talk to my OP1.


It would be nice to have an 8HP Headphone Out that’s normalled to the outputs of the Audio IO, or a 32HP Audio IO with Headphones out. That way you could fit MIDI IO, Noise Tools, Quadratt, Audio IO and Headphones in a 104 1u row.


…or normalled to the Mix Up. :slight_smile:


1u Plog! :smiley:


Yes 1u Plog would be great