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1U modules wishlist


I don’t know if it would fit into 1U but an Audio to USB Audio module would be great. As many audio inputs as possible of course. That way I can skip the external mixer and route all my audio (via Mutamix or Quadratt) to this, and then out to my phone/iPad for recording.


uMod to 1u?


Seriously… are there any plans for 1U VCA modules? Right now I am getting nuts because my 7U case is full and I need one more VCA. Please!!!


It’s something we might do in the future but it’s not something you should expect to see soon.


1U switched multiple


I’d like to see a slightly larger 1U Blank panel. Maybe 22hp or 24hp. There’s a number of 4hp modules I’d like to convert to 1U for my 7U cases, but the 20hp 1U Blank is slightly too small for the PCB to fit.


Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but a little Microphone/Instrument preamp might make a nice 1u module. Just a simple combo xlr/trs input jack with an 1/8" output and a gain knob.

Bonus points if there was an input gain knob and an output level control to let you drive things.


DJ style stereo cross fader. 4 inputs (l/r x2) / 4 outs (2 master, 2 monitor)

You could flip the case so the 1u is at the bottom, fade between 2 x 3u mixers


I’ll put in another vote for a module holder that lets me mount a 4hp module.

However, with only Intellijel producing 1u modules to date, I’d guess they’re not very incentivized to cannibalize their own market with an adapter. So if we see something like this, I expect it will have to come from a 3rd party.


I could live with just a 22hp blank and do the rest myself, but an actual “4hp drop-in adaptor” would be rad (26hp???) . Big +1.


Oh, and an envelope follower output on the 1u mic/instrument pre would be great too…


more because of my immediate needs but a Quad Variable Clock Divider with reset input is almost necessity next to uMidi since a midi signal alone isn’t going to provide occasional reset signals for all the modular gear. Would be even cooler if it could connect to uMidi in the back somehow so that midi signal starts/stops/resets by default.


I’d love some kind of switching unit. Maybe a 3 in 3 out simple on/off for live performance.


Intellijel, is anything actually in the 1U pipeline? There are a lot of useful ideas here, and it would be nice to know what can be expected. Thanks!


+1 on the 8HP space popping up. 2 x 3 mult and mixer sound interesting!


agreed! would love to know what’s coming. Also is there any other manufacturers making 1U modules that are compatible with the Intellijel cases?


I thought I’d seen some sort of post about exciting new 1U modules at NAMM - thought it was in this thread but can’t find it now.


Yes. The name escapes me right now, but I just ran across someone who was going to offer panels compatible with all 1u formats. A bunch of 808 drum clones initially. If I remember the name I’ll add it.


Oh, please do. That sounds cool. :grinning:


This is the 808 drum 1u I mentioned…