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1U modules wishlist


I’ve decided to make a DIY Batumi expander (Xaoc Poti clone) in the space I have left. Free up 3HP of valuable 3U space. I saw the idea mentioned in the Eurorack FB group today - I think it’s an inspired idea!


I’d like that actually. But maybe I can grab what you have next time I’m by that way, which may be soon!

Here’s a pic of a DIY 1U I made; 1x3 mult w/ 6 SPST switches to close jumpers on Ladik modules, mostly the clock divider options but also VCO/LFO mode on the Oscillator…


This got me thinking: would you consider making 1U panels (just the panels) as an accessory to those existing modules that could fit horizontally in a 1U row? Wouldn’t it be possible to fit most <6HP modules that way?


Exciting to see more of these coming down the line. I love the cases, so I have a lot of extra 1U space. Echoing what a lot of others have said, here’s my list:

  • LFOs of any nature or flavour welcomed here, although I prefer square and sine waves, if possible.

  • A single passive attenuator: The Quadatt is an excellent module, but sometimes you have less space and attenuators are always useful. Something passive that could fit in-between the gaps of bigger 1U modules would be great.

  • Some type of control tile: A button, joystick, pad, I do not have a preference, they would all have their uses.

Lastly, remixing Knettgummi’s idea a bit: I really like the idea of an adapter tile to convert smaller 3U modules. Basically just a faceplate with mounting points catered to accept 4HP and/or 2HP modules in sideways and fit inside a 1U space.


Here are my thoughts:

  • Microphone XLR input with 48v phantom power on/off button and a gain knob. (I’m not sure if the XLR connector is too big, but this would be killer!)
  • (rotating) clock divider
  • comparator
  • mini compressor
  • A clock generator with a display for BPM that says “Hello, u so wavy!” when you turn the machine on.
  • Plog in 1U
  • Eurorack voltages to LZX voltages converter.


Would love to see a unity mixer. Something like this would be great:


Is there any way to shoehorn one of these into an Intellijel case? At the moment I don’t care if it’s pretty!!


It kind of bugs me that, in the 104HP case, I can’t fit the Audio I/O, Quadratt, Noise Tools, MIDI, and Headphone jack. It ends up being 2HP too large. So, for me, a smaller Quadratt would be something I’d seriously consider putting into the case.

Failing that, a more compact USB power module (can you fit two instead of one?), or any kind of manual control would be great (knobs, buttons, ribbons).


An FSR sensor with Gate and pressure CV outputs, in 6hp or 8hp would be a handy space filler.


a compact effects loop module for integrating pedals. just an input, output and a wet/dry knob.


An Intellijel 1u that is essentially a vertically racked high quality stereo recorder. 96k/24bit, infinite recording with automatic file splits once the WAV has reached its 4 gig limit. Either an SD card slot or a usb port for saving audio to a computer, whatever is cheaper and more efficient i would say. audio thru-ports so that you don’t have to mult. Might be a bit deep and surely it would be expensive but I would love to have my rack always recording what it is doing.


I’s there an elegant way to stack two Digitanks and one 1U buff-mult for 3U rack placement.

something like:


How about an 84HP stereo mixer with as many inputs, attenuators and fx send/returns as you can fit? Something like the WMD performance mixer, but 1U :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m wondering if it would make sense to split the Audio I/O module into two… Audio I and Audio O as it were…


We already kind of have:




I meant without the 1/4" jacks because I want to use the ones in the 7U cases


I admitt I am confused regarding the audio lines in&out on the 7U case. Are the audio outs on the 7U case already at ‘line level’?

Why is the separate audio in&out iU module necessary?


The 1/4" jacks on the case are not connected to anything. If you want to use them you need the I/O module.

Some people might want the case, but not want to use jack outputs. So I guess Intellijel gave them the option to choose another 1U module instead.


But I agree with @RadicalQuiver - I would like the option of a smaller module which only connects to the outputs. I find I don’t use the inputs so I could be putting another module in that space.


Would love a v. basic stereo mixer. Something like 4 mono inputs with level/pan plus a stereo input with level control.


plus 1 for a uStep in 1U format… or even a 1U panel for existing users