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1U modules wishlist


An OLED Oscilloscope. That would be next level bad ass cool af use of 1U space.


I would really like to find something ideal for an 8HP space in 1U since this void pops up quite a bit.

2 x 3 passive mult (would be cheap)
2 x 2:1 mixer
1 in 5 out clock divider
ringmod (passive?)
tap clock

any other votes?


I like the sound of all of those! Especially the clock divider, mixer and tap clock.

Maybe a simple LFO with a rate knob and a couple outputs would be useful, an inverter, or a mono version of the Quadratt? Monatt?


knob/cv planner/crossfader
tap tempo/gate/trigger button


A mixer would be great actually.


The 2 x 2:1 mixer appeals to me most, at the moment. (My modular grid plan has a 8 HP blank, so one day I’ll be in the market for something!)


A tuner would be amazing.


First post finally got around to making an account. Others have mentioned a lpg, I think it’s a good idea. I would personally love a single channel(Quadra style) slope generator.


A dual 2 to 1 mixer but with the inputs of the second mixer normalized to the inverted inputs of the first one.
This could be used to easily invert, add or subtract signals…

I.e., a module with just 6 jacks :

C = A + B
F = D + E
D = -A (if nothing plugged in)
E = -B (if nothing plugged in)

Sadly, a simple normalization would not allow D and E to be used as inverted outputs, is there a smarter way to do this ?
Anyway, the second mixer’s output can still be used to get inverted signals…

  • Ring Mod
  • Small Utility VCA (8hp or less)
  • mini X-Y Joystick (thumb?)
  • X-Fader / Panner
  • Envelope Follower / Comparator
  • Meter/Tuner/Voltage display?


I’ve had two 7U cases for a while now a built up a bit of a list of 1U modules I’d like to see. So here goes:

  • Simple clock divider
  • Tuner with 3 inputs and 3 through outputs
  • Passive switch(es), something similar to a Doepfer Switchable Mult
  • Function generator (A/D knobs, D mod input, trig input, output, Gate/Trig switch, loop switch)
  • Low-Pass Gate (like half an LXD)
  • Stereo compressor (something like a WMD MSCL, sidechain not necessary)
  • 4-step CV sequencer (4 rotaries, clock in, reset in). Or, dream world, something like XAOC Tirana.
  • 8-step gate sequencer (á la uStep)


Ringmod sounds good. Even better would be a DC coupled VCA. :slight_smile:

Would something like this be feasable?

The idea would be two channels of simple VCAs with a single amp CV in for each channel. But the output of channel 1 is normalled to channel 2 input so it could be used as a single channel with two CV inputs.


Two Modules come to mind:

The first is a Gate-able Slew Limiter, so you can select when you want slew. Is it possible for a slew limiter to have linear or log response? If that is doable for a reasonable cost, that would be a useful feature. (Jacks = Input, Output, Gate) (Pot = Slew Amount) (Switch = Lin/Log)

The second is a simple VCA with an AR generator. Very handy in modulating CVs. (Jacks = Input, Output, Gate) (Pots = Attack, Release)


CV cross-fader
NLC triple sloth style nonlinear random thingie
miinitube distortion
Logic à la pico logic
Something similar to ladik j-math?


I’m stuck with 8U in the 1U row. Any interesting 8U options? How about a headphone with an 1/8" jack?


There’s already one, but 10HP :slight_smile:

Edit, ah, I just got the 1/8" jack part, my bad…


You could make a little 1x3 passive mult on an 8hp 1U blank.
Just an idea. I did a similar one but it was dual 1x4 in more hp. I’ve since converted it to a single 1x3 and a 6 switch panel for the jumpers on several Ladik modules.
Have you already added any USB tiles?


So many wants in 1U - a delay line, a dual (or more) AD function generator…


I never thought of DIY on one of those 8U plates - great idea!


Hey Guys,

thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions so far!

When we first launched the 1U line were kind of limited to making modules that were absolutely essential utilities. As we sell more of our cases and in turn more people have 1U spaces with out dimensions then we will be able to branch out a bit more and start offering some more exotic and weird options.

re: blanks for DIY
yes! This is what I was hoping some people would do. I can provide some templates on where to put holes for jacks and pcb dimensions if anyone needs them.