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1U modules wishlist


Make that a 1u stereo crossfader.


Thank you for the in depth reply

I would be very interested in the digital oscillator module, hoping it could track well to provide fm/sync oscillators too…yes the musical and rhythmic logic functions were my thought.

i also wanted to note that for me, in a performance rack, the outer edges have become valuable room that I want ‘important’ knobs to play, because there is less cable clutter so its easier access. I see the desire to want utility module space… but that is not necessarily how I would fill it.


1# upgrade version of 1u Quadratt with each ch CV in (modulation for knob) + solo or mute…dream…:champagne:

2# one touch controller for trig out

3# finger slide-able touch controller for changing pitch (carbon panel electrode rod) idea from Gakken SX-150


A multi channel output, like 8 channels on a dsub, would be cool.


At the risk of borrowing an idea from another 1U vendor, I’d really like to see a velocity-sensitive pad or button tile with an on/off latching option.

  • Logic. It doesnt have to be anything fancy. A la Pico Logic or A Logic
  • uScale faceplate ?? If that applies to the uStep, does it also apply to the uScale ?? The horizontal keyboard would feel more natural too
  • uMidi but with more options ? The current one is great if you want to interface a keyboard, but if its for interfacing an external MIDI sequencer, more channels would be better. (This is probably “no more” than a new faceplate and some new firmware)
  • Crossfader, Yes!


Buchla<->Eurorack conversion with banana jacks. I’d buy that in a flash.


#3 Made me ponder the possibility of a 1U version of the Tetrapad. Maybe a Monopad?


wow…monopad ! like a little brother version of Tetrapad !!!

add one knob for changing scales value and two out-puts for cv and trig or gate out…

so then we can use monopad as touch trigger controller ? versatile !!!


I like this idea more than the one I suggested a few posts earlier, as a touch-sensitive Monopad (with other capabilities) is clearly a Better Idea.


VCA, please! Seems like exactly the kind of essential, universal tool that everyone always needs more of – perfect for the 1U line.

Could be done like a super simple “in, out, CV” on a tiny panel. Or more like a 1U version of the Quad VCA, with three or four VCA channels with attenuators and mixing. Either way would be instantly at the top of my wish list.


This !
VCA in 1u would be awesome.


I was just about to order a zlob eq, and then it hit me…

I’d love a 1U eq. 3 bands? 7 bands like the boss guitar/bass pedal? 2 band parametric? One knob tilt eq?



Why not both? ;-).
(I know, you guys only have so many hours in a day!)


Lots of great suggestions in here, I especially love the crossfader and basic logic building blocks in 1u (a sideways Plog would also be great). A couple ideas I haven’t seen in here yet that may fit the format nicely:

  • passive vactrol-based LPG
  • ins/outs with mutes
  • inverter
  • a single Bernoulli gate like in MI’s Branches


Danjel : is this something that you would consider doing (talking about a small module with just 4 jacks and fixed attenuation/amplification that connects to the 7U case’s jacks or the Audio I/O Jacks 1U) ?

This would be super useful to get the modular to communicate with line level stuff without taking too much case real estate.

A number of people do not use the audio i/o 1U because it takes a lot of space but a simple module like this would be useful for almost everyone…


I’m struggling to understand what you’re suggesting here. Do you just mean an I/O module but without knobs for volume on the ins and outs?

I think that could quickly become very frustrating if you had no control over levels.

What might be more useful is separate modules for ‘in’ and ‘out’ so that people who, say, never use the modular to process external signals can save a bit of space.

I think the I/O 1U is a no brainer. My only beef is I’d like separate gain knobs for both output channels, maybe with a ‘link’ option so you can choose to use as stereo or two mono channels. So I’m actually calling for it to be bigger. Maybe even 6HP bigger, which would then fill the slightly annoying space I inevitably have left in my 84HP case.


Those already exist. See Line Out 1U and Line In 1U :slight_smile:


Yeah, what I meant was a module that connects to the existing 1/4" jacks of the 7u case but just offers the relevant 3.5mm input/output connections. So basically split the current I/O 1U into two modules.

Personally I’m happy with the I/O module as it is, but some people might want the absolute minimum 1U real estate.


A super small clock module would be great. Just a knob and three jacks that would output slow, medium and fast pulses. The jacks would also serve as a simple clock divider/multiplier - .5x, 1x, 2x