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1U modules wishlist


I’d love a 1U panning module, but as someone who wants to keep things small (and afraid of not having enough rack space for all the tiles I want), I’d actually prefer two inputs, or even just one. (I’m more excited by the idea of having automated panning as an effect than precise placement of individual voices.)


How many people use outboard mixers with their Euroracks? Would it be useful to have an output module (in two parts, like the Audio I/O 1U) that’s a set of four mono outputs, each with its own attenuator? Maybe it would be more conducive to outboard mixing than a typical stereo output, and eliminate any worries about whether or not the mixer can handle synth level signals.


You could use the Quadratt as a 4ch mono mixer before feeding it to the Audio IO or Line Out 1U, but I guess you want an all in one unit that’s a mixer and IO?


I was thinking more along the lines of using an outboard mixer, in order to have true stereo sound, rather than dual mono, which is what you have if everything is dead center in the stereo field. Rather than mixing down to stereo within the Eurorack, retain each voice as its own channel, send them separately to an outboard mixer, and mix down there. I know there are people that do that without lowering the signal level with any kind of output module - I don’t know, do they use an attenuator like the Quadratt to lower the signal level first, or do they simply depend on the mixer to handle it? I think having a multi-channel output module in the signal chain would be a bit safer. Or, at the very least, it wouldn’t require adapters or 3.5mm-to-1/4" cables.


Any updates on the 1u ZeroScope module yet? Really looking forward to adding this one to the rack.


Im not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but a 1U version of the Nearness Mixer would be perfect in my opinion. Theres currently a 2hp version in development and a 3hp already available. Not sure if anyone here is also active on Monome’s Lines forum (I assume there are a few) but there is still an active thread there.


An important part of the Nearness is that the jacks are laid out in a single column, to represent positioning within the stereo field. Off the top of my head, the best 1U layout I can come up with is similar to the Buff Mult 1U, but with a single input jack height-centered at one end (as the dead-center input), and the two output jacks at the opposite end. Not as elegant, but effective enough I suppose.

Nearness also lacks one important feature - CV control of panning. But thanks for bringing this module to my attention! I have been considering the importance of having panning within the rack I’ve been planning, even without CV control (current offerings with CV control are all way too big). Such a small module would make it easier to add.


I don’t know if you’re still considering this or not, but if you are, would you also consider updating the 4U 104hp case with stereo outs on the right side to go with it?


multi (possibly triple) FX Rack ? knobs like
fx1 d/w - pram1 - pram2
fx2 d/w - pram1 - pram2
love the idea of the digiverb and would like to see more stuff like that!
maybe even better fx rack that can store personal FX throu some SD or something. :slight_smile:


Ten characters of me too!


Pretty close, I’d imagine you’ll see them in January


Yes as soon as we are back at the office we can start shipping them :slight_smile:


Regardless of the panel color of real 1u modules, I’d love to be able to buy black blind panels for my new 7u stealth case.


A smaller 1u tile that just has 2 minijacks and a volume knob and connects to the balanced outputs on the 7u case would be amazing. The Audio I/O 1u is too big and I suspect I am not the only one who doesn’t need line in.


Seems like the existing Headphones 1U would be perfect for this if there could be an adapter, like the one for the Pedal I/O module. Then you would get a headphone out in addition to the outs on the back of the case. I have no idea if that is possible though.


I was thinking about output modules again, and one thing I would really like is a module that combined the final output stage with something like the Mixup. My initial idea is something roughly the same size as the Audio I/O 1U, with similar inputs as Mixup, that would then directly output to an audio output jacks 1U module (or 7U case output jacks, if they ever get separated from the input jacks). Even better would be if (the equivalent of Mixup’s) In 1 and 2 gained CV control of panning (or both CV and manual).


Would be super fun to have a quad output 1U to connect to the 4 audio in/out jacks on the 104HP case. Just got a second case and currently not using the in/out jacks yet. 1U quad output with planar woo hoo! Similar in vibe to a Quadratt. Cheers!


So, when are you back in the office? :slightly_smiling_face:


a new 1u µScale?


I strongly second the idea of separating the 1/4” headphones jack from the 1U headphones module and giving the jack its own 1U module (connected to the headphones module via a rear ribbon cable). Please please please.