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1U modules wishlist


This would indeed be great to have!


hmm… new µmidi 1U? MIDI IN and OUT (more channels via expanders?). I would love to use midi dins on my 7U case but current µmidi is… obsolete :frowning:


How is it obsolete? MIDI hasn’t changed since it was released…


µmidi not MIDI :slight_smile:

You sell cases with MIDI OUT but µmidi 1U can’t handle it. So yes… 1U version of µmidi is definitely obsolete.


the MIDI out is for other planned modules


Hi All

I have always had a problem with 1U Pedal I/O module.
I wanted to use my 1U Audio I/O along with 7U Performance case jacks output.
Having no more 1U space I couldn’t use 1U Jacks I/O module too…:open_mouth:
I’ve decided to mod Pedal I/O so it has Send and Returm patch points on the panel.
This was done by Kuba Sinsky, very much talented friend of mine who did few 1U modules already.
He does things under name of Bard Synthesizers.
This turned out to be complete success! I would like to share it with you guys. Also i have one modded Pedal I/O for sale. Please have a look:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos


Can you explain further? I’m not understanding how this is different than using an onboard stereo mixer.


It depends on how you plan to use it, I suppose…

  1. The feature set of Eurorack mixers can vary. It could have more features than a standard outboard mixer (such as CV control), or it could have fewer (such as no panning). More features means more hp. No panning means the left and right channels are exactly the same, which means it isn’t true stereo, it’s dual mono.

  2. If you also use non-Eurorack gear, depending on how much gear you have, it would be easier to integrate with an outboard mixer than raising a bunch of non-Eurorack stuff to Eurorack levels and running them through the Eurorack’s onboard mixer.


Would it be useful to have an output module (in two parts, like the Audio I/O 1U) that’s a set of four mono outputs, each with its own attenuator?

It seems like @ScottMFR’s suggestion of using a quadratt is exactly what you would need if you are looking for 4 mono outs with attenuators.
It’s is a Swiss Army knife of possibilities.
I use my quadratt as a 4 channel effects send for external gear. It works like a champ


I’m not an EE and I don’t really know the specifics of the Quadratt vs. an output module. Does AC vs. DC coupling make a difference? How do output modules lower the signal to line level? Is it strictly volume knob position, or is there something else in the signal path that automatically lowers the signal to line level before the volume pot even comes into play?

Also, I’d prefer any output module to have 1/4" jacks (ideally on a separate module - I’d like to remove the panel and mount them on the case), which the Quadratt doesn’t have.


Intellijel Audio Interface (Thunderbolt) - Similar to Expert Sleepers ES8

8 Input Channels
1 Thunderbolt connector

Connect up to 8 sources to be sent through to your DAW for individual channel processing. Module can be linked at the back to provide another 8 input channels.

Each channel’s input is reduced to line level, through ADC with audio driver for DAW interface.



Cool idea. I have no idea about how thunderbolt tech or licensing works though :slight_smile:


Thunderbolt was the default connectivity idea, considering it’s high-speed and low latency configuration, used on various other audio interfaces, for example: UAD.

Could a USB (type: ‘X’) be useful here? Not sure on the efficiency / ability of data throughput.

The whole concept is to remove to link between multiple output modules (plus connections) into an external audio interface, by a single connection (USB / Thunderbolt) through an audio driver into audio recording software.


USB2 would be more than fast enough for 8 channels of audio. Then it would basically be like an ES-8 or Audio Damage ODIO in 1U. The challenge with that sort of thing is always the fact that running multiple audio cards on a computer is always a pain, especially on Windows.


Correct, a ES8 1U equivalent, with Intellijel’s stamp on it would be ideal.

I could imagine a significant use of the 1U space for multi channel audio routing without the mess. The idea of using Mixup as individual submixes into this module would be great.


a version for adat could be cool too, to be driven with external word clock and integrate to other interfaces.

edit, now that i think of it more, this would solve a lot of my current setup problems (adat intellijel 1u)


Optical ADAT?


yes. it would give me 8 more channels at 96k directly to my antelope interface, which has superb clocking already. i guess it would need 2 optical ports for that though if im not mistaken, could do 48k for 8 channels with 1 port


I will definitely think about it. Doesn’t seem like a small or easy project, but worth some research at least.


Great idea! I have to say, ADAT, Thunderbolt or USB, I would snap such a module up in a heartbeat!