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1U modules wishlist


I’d love to see some pics of how you set it up and what it looks like.


My friend just did this for me - precision adder based on VPME T43 idea and 1U trigger.




Adder!!! This is great. Much needed.
Will you friend make a few more?


Send him PM


These are the two modules I am considering making:

  1. Precision adder
  • +5V Normal on jack 1 so you can sum this with a bipolar signal on jack 2 and create unipolar signal
  • jack 2 on top row normals to jack 2 on bottom row so that a single tranposition source can be applied to two different cv sequences.
  • Out A normals to input on bottom row so you can form a 3 input adder if needed.
  1. Octave switcher
  • jack for thru
  • positive output is sum of input and octave value
  • negative output is sum of input and inverted octave value

The octave switcher could be further expanded to have semitones (would cool for performance) but I am really trying to keep the hp size down since there is a limit to how much space is available.


I like both concepts. I would urge you to add semitones to the octave switcher, or maybe just a three way switch with -5/+7 semitones so you can play around with 4ths and 5ths.


Yes, nice, like’em. Semitones would be good. Or maybe a separate semitone select tile.


would definitely be interested in the adder!


YES! Need both of these very much please.
And put them together into a 6hp 3U too!


A simple audio mixer like the 2HP mix in 1U format would be really helpful. Mini pots above the jacks, very small form factor. Quadratt is great but it’s so big and I find myself quite often wanting to just mix a few waveforms from the same oscillator and it seems a waste to use Quadratt for anything other than CV.


Would love a 1U adder! Quantizer would be nice too.

For anyone wanting a 1U 3 channel stereo mixer, I converted a Hyrlo mixer into a 1U module:


+1 for separating out the in and out modules. At first i thought unnecessary but now im considering another case and i just dont need the ins on both of them.

Also would be cool to eventually see a 1u Poly uMidi. Just add 9-12 more jacks for 4 total voices of note/gate/velocity/mod. Would be very wide but well worth the space in some systems


I like the adder and the octave switcher. Good idea to keep the HP low

I would personally love a 2nd input on the octave switcher too… rather than the negative output. But maybe i just dont understand the use case of the negative signal


Really want the Out portion. Is this still happening? What changes would I need to do to the 7U board or would it just be a replacement board to buy?


A 1U BBD Chorus would be sweet! Perhaps just Rate, Depth, and Wet/Dry knobs.

Seriously though, where are the eurorack bbd choruses? The only one I know of is that Juno 106 module that’s way too deep to fit in any normal case.


I have two 7Us and am struggling to use all the 1U space. Here are some ideas that might be helpful:

  1. Do a deal with Ladik/ Grayscale to create 1U panels for the large number of 4HP modules they have. This would be a simple way to covers the bases with so many utilities
  2. Same with Modular Thing - think Ears and Radio Music/ Chord Organ modules in 1U
  3. Yes to simple Dual VCA (6 jacks total), same for a bunch of simple logic 1Us (ands, ors, nand, xor, etc). Should be smaller than the current 1U Buff Mult. Don’t make it fancy, they could be all passive or close to)
  4. Uscale in 1U would be awesome
  5. So would Mixup
  6. Put a usb host port into the 7U and get a module that fully exposes everything a BSP can do in a 1U module. It might be massive but have a fully 32 jacks for the pads (gate and velocity) and another 6 for the the two CV tracks, maybe some more to expose clock, run, reset as well as some of the cc but it would be an absolutely killer live set up.


Oh - and please do black panels


Yesssss black panels for the 1u please. I know its been mentioned before :slight_smile: thank you

Very excited for steppy. Looks fantastic and covers my clock divider request with such elegance


I can only repeat what some others have suggested before me: A smaller 1U mult oder a smaller 1U attenuator module would be awesome. I’d like to fit them both next to each other in my 84hp case, but sadly that’s impossible at the moment without sacrificing either the audio or the midi jacks.