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1U modules wishlist


Sounds like you basically want a Mixup in 1U format?


this! (precision adder)! :hugs:

and all jack dual vca would also be totally awesome!


Omg precision adder in 1U would be amazing for Shifty users


I’d love a basic envelope generator similar to a Pip Slope in a 1u tile.


Maybe something like this in 8HP?


What about a 1v/8 in, and then some combination of outputs for 1 octave up, 2 octave up, 1 octave down, 2 octave down? I am using something similar on the first output of Shifty to make pseudo-basslines.


Yes, an all-jack VCA would be just fine. Abstract Data have their ADE-50 (I believe?) which is all jack 3 VCAs in 4hp or 6hp. It’s a perfectly fine sacrifice to make, and in my opinion the lack of knobs makes you use it differently, which is a creative tool.

Bonus points for some kind of vactrol emulation. Or maybe some kind of fixed filter outputs. A “low” a “mid” and a “high”


Can I downvote all jack VCA? Honestly I’d rather a 1U version of the dual vca module with knobs, even if it ends up quite big HP wise.

That said I am now on my fourth 7U case so 1U space isn’t a concern for me. :flushed:

Any news on the sequencer and oscilloscope modules?


Can I downvote the opinion of anyone with four 7U cases? Thx


No need to be like that about it. :cry: :broken_heart:


You’re fine, I’m just jealously repelling aggressors to my knobless VCA/LPG feature request :kissing_heart:


I am pretty sure we will never make a knob based VCA. It would be too wide and it is more of a primary module that you would expect in the 3U space anyhow. Quad VCA and uVCA are both quite efficiently spaced (and well priced) implementations.

The all jack version is really just a way to put something useful in any remaining 8hp space you may have.

Also once the Steppy 1U and Zeroscope 1U modules are out there will be a quite comprehensive lineup of modules fighting for a very limited amount of space.


And when might those be available?

Same question for headphones 1u coming back in stock?


A version of the little line in module but with double the gain so that it could effectively amplify guitars and dynamic mics. :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:


The Pedal I/O 1U already can do this but I have not tested it on dynamic mics (there should be enough gain)


Oh good to know.
that is a lot of valuable HP.
A little 10hp variation of the line in module would be amazing.


I am considering splitting Audio I/O 1U into two modules and putting a single stereo pot for each. This would save HP and then for people who don’t use the stereo ins on the back of the 7U they could use these jacks for pedal i/o instead. I would need to change the 7U jack board since they would have different connectors but they would be a cheap upgrade for users (~$15-20).


For people NOT using an Intellijel case, but who have a 1U row on the front of their case (along with all their other modules) plus a 1U row on the rear of their case (to mount the “jacks” modules)… It would be awesome to split the headphone jack to its own jacks module. Would love to plug my headphones into the rear of my case rather than have the cord dangling in my way, but still have access to the knob.


Sure, but only of those stereo ins can be configured to be a pair of stereo ins/outs via Insert y-cable. Most people want stereo sends and returns. There’s limited utility to mono sends/returns in 2018.

(Eurorack has precisely four problems. 1: stereo mixing, 2: effects (including sends), 3: sequencers, 4: power specification is a ticking time bomb. If you touch any two of those categories at once, beware.)


Sorry to reply to an old post, but I relocated the outputs on one of my 7U cases by drilling through it with a titanium drill bit like this: http://a.co/d/go6ueXn

I"m happy to share photos of the project if you’re interested.