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1U modules wishlist


would be awesome to have black 1u panels, to fit my black intellijel 7u case.


This!! :ok_hand:


In response to polyphonic CV design above… yes, please! 4 x CV and 4 x Gates in 1U would be amazing!


I think the idea of a uScale adaptation to 1U, or some other sort of quantizer, has been mentioned before, but I want to sound off in strong favor of this!


First post here so hello :slight_smile:

Adding another vote to a small Logic tile. Something simple: a couple of inputs, then outputs for AND/OR/XOR/NAND/NOR. Maybe AND/NAND and OR/NOR could be selected with a switch, if that would save some space.

A small switched mult would be great, too. Like a Doepfer switched mult but maybe with 4 or 5 jacks.


Could some one repost the technical dimensions of the 1U Modules, the link doesnt show them anymore, since the support site has been refurbished.




I’d love to see a 1U version of something like NE’s Muta Jovis. Which would be even better (for me) if it could be normalled to provide 5v offsets when no input’s plugged in. And even better still if the switches were of the on/off/momentary variety.

Having one or two of those in the top of a 4U controller skiff would be perfect.


yeah, that would be sweet! I’m going to build a passive version of that, so without the 5v. Just for stopping signals dead in their tracks.


I’ll join in on the VCA hopes, but offer up a couple others:

  • Basic Quantizer
  • Drums (Bass Drum, Snare, Hats, etc)
  • Stereo Mixer
  • Ladik-like super basic sequencer S-(180, S-182)


+1 for basic quantizer and drums.


Does it count if I vote multiple times for stereo mixer? :slight_smile: Ideally, something wherein you can chain multiple modules together to get more inputs feeding a common stereo output, direct to the two outputs on a 7U case would be nice. Stereo effect sends would be nice as well but level, pan and muting per channel would do the trick. CV control of panning would be another nice to have. I for one can live with teeny tiny knobs if need be.


1U contact microphone alá MI ears… :slight_smile:


1U LPG (vactrol)…


Will we see a 1u unity mix at some point? :slight_smile:


Keep coming back to the need for a stereo version of the pedal I/O. As pedal manufacturers become more aligned with the needs of producers/ synthesists (meris, strymon, etc.) the markets beckons for one.

  • 1U fitness tracker
  • 1U VHS-style clock blinking 12:00 AM
  • 1U scale for weighing small amounts of drugs
  • 1U port of classic 1980s Nintendo games but Mario’s movement is voltage controlled (you must devise a complex envelope capable of finishing the level)


+1 for a 1U (dual)VCA!


If we did a dual VCA it would probably be an all jack version (no attenuators) so it is super compact.


very possible. I would make it a precision adder. Maybe it could be 6hp (enough room for 6 jacks, 2 pairs of summing and outputs plus normal from output 1 to input 3)