1U modules wishlist

Yeah the Pedal IO might not make sense upon consideration. I was just thinking of other things that use the 3-pin connectors. There might be a fun way to use it with XY as well.

Inputs 1&2 on Mixup are mono so they’re sent evenly to the LR out. My thinking is that if you chained the output from Mixup to the theorized MS EncDec 1U, it would sum the Mixup signal with anything at the LR inputs (or it could be a normalling setup where the LR inputs cancel the Chain In). Then you’d be able to send the MS out for whatever processing you wanted, such as lowpass filtering the mid, highpass filtering the sides, or adding reverb delay and/or chorus to the sides and return it to the MS input for conversion back to LR.

With a Chain output, it could be connected to another Mixup or a Stereo Mixer 1U leaving the LR output free to patch somewhere else to create another potential send return path. Seems like the Chain Out would be maybe be more useful than the Chain In.

The -6db switches or jumpers are a good idea too.


Steve the player
Digikey sells Vector rails in the US.
They will sell them to anyone

M/S encoding and decoding is actually the same: output 1 is input A+input B, and output 2 is input A-input B. Going from LR to MS or going from MS to LR is the same. You wouldn’t need toggle switches, you just need to be okay with the fact that your inputs might be mis-labeled. That’s why I have my encoder jacks labeled L/M and R/S for the inputs, and M/L and S/R for the outputs.

1u scales wud be great

CV → MIDI would be good too. Amazing if it could be an expander module for the midi 1u

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According to the original thread on Scales 1U, it is not likely due to space.

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uh-oh!!! you better be quick, Intellijel! :wink:

we are not worried :wink:


I was actually thinking about this again last night.
I’d really love to see a dual channel tile that could be stereo linked or run as 2 seperate channels.

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Thinking of something more simpler (without clk & rst, it would mean timestretch recording)
but 2 track :slight_smile: 24HP and taken your idea with lit record button.

Putting simple indicator on the ui of which sample is played on which track.

Designing module isnt easy XD


Some ideas for CV in mode… :wink:

Clockable Sampler 1U (2)

What about a 1U uSlew?

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There’s a slew in Noise Tools 1U. But I definitely +1 for a dedicated (dual?) slew in 1U. Maybe one of the two could be gated?

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Always looking to add slew to stuff so I feel like having a dedicated mini would be a welcome addition. Noise Tools rules but always could use more slew! :sunglasses:

Amazing. Great work.

And now I’ll probably spend too much time designing fake intellijel modules. :slight_smile:


A smal utilitys that make Trs A to Trs B and vise versa like XY utility.
A small 1U clock module with clock reset in or one Puch knob to set bpm and 6-8 outputs to sett div or multi Big like zeroscope+USB. This with extremly low jitter and rock stedy. And somthing to make quanti offset like push button and knob and scroll to taste. Nice of there is extra modules to glue together for outboard hardware midi in and trs jacks on that :slight_smile:

I have already started to build my 3,2x1U case :slight_smile: working on to have more modules on the back and front and patchbays on the side nice with tendrils cables :slight_smile: and parchans outboard gears and lite keystep pro ect to save space and make upp for cleaner patching :slight_smile: Will se how it Will end. I think this is going to be the hubb between 7U case.

Another one for a 1U Slew in 6hp or 8hp :sunglasses:

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1U Wave Rectifier :v:

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Hi All—My first post! :grin:

I’ve been thinking about putting a headphone out in my 104hp palette so I can sketch and build sequences and songs on the couch, and it dawned on me how handy it would be to be able to go wireless. Is a Bluetooth headphone module possible in 1u? Then the plate would just need 2x input jacks and 1 knob for volume attenuation. No idea how much space the Bluetooth electronics require, though.

Anyways…would others find this handy?