1U modules wishlist

Yeah, they say it’s Intellijel 1U (and pulp logic compatible, though i don’t know what it means…) https://www.instagram.com/p/BxNagw3hzmI/?igshid=107bzpl0atma7

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pulp logic is the only other case with the slightly smaller than 1U design for tiles

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Yeah, I know it. What I don’t understand is they say the modules are compatible to both formats…

Some brands have been offering products with different panel options to cover both formats. I think the Nonlinear Circuits and 1U Ornaments & Crime are available in both.


Ah, different panels. I got it. Thanks!

Still hanging out for the LPG, hopefully its out soon :pray:
I also thing a single tile version of the instruo tanh waveshaper/distrotion would be super tatsty!!!


Would love a UFOLD but in 1U please.


I would love to use a ufold as a stereo pair with one set of controls and two ins/outs or one in, two sets of controls and outs. But 1u is even better and I would settle for that!

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Hi all. I’m new here. I asked intellijel if they are planning to do an LFO in 1U via email. They said not at the moment, but advised me to ask here to see if it’s a popular idea, so here I am.

I see a 1U VCA which has recently been added to the list on modulargrid, in only 8HP. Very nice. Something like this for an LFO would be great. I already have 5+ VCAs in my 7u performance case and only 1 LFO :frowning:

I have two function/envelope generators which will double as an LFO, but it’s not as quick and changing offset etc. is annoying.

Ideally I’d like it to be about 8HP-14HP-ish.

If you guys would be interested in a 1U LFO please post below so it has a chance of being made, because you can’t have too many LFOs. :smiley:

Please answer the following TWO questions.

  1. Would you buy one? Yes/No/Maybe

  2. Which of the following would you like the most? I am for option A (or maybe C).

Option A. About 14HP (probably)
Functions-wise, basically the MS20 mod generator with a reset.

  • knob (1) continuously variable from downramp to tri to upramp
  • knob (2) for rate
  • output for ramp/tri/ramp
  • output for pulse/square/pulse (follows Knob1 also).
  • input for reset

Option B. About 14HP

  • knob (1) for rate
  • knob (2) for modulation depth/amplitude
  • output for square/tri/upramp/downramp (or whatever will fit)
  • input for reset

Option C. About 8HP
Same as option B but without Knob 2 to save space.

Option D

Option E
Something else
Please elaborate.


  1. Maybe. Depends on size and options, and whether or not there are 1u modules in the pipeline that are more important.
  2. Option A, but with clock sync (perhaps sharing an input with reset, and a switch to select; when sync’d, rate knob becomes a clock divider/multiplier) and skew (knob 1) CV input. C wouldn’t be bad either, but again, with clock sync.

Thanks for your input. Clock could be handy but I think that would make it digital which I’m not in favour of. The one LFO I had that had this option (modcan quad LFO) was often unusable as it seemed to average the clock and didn’t consider a decent starting point so the wave would start somewhere stupid like 90 degrees. For this type of synchronisation I now use software plus ES-3.

Unless there is a way to keep it analogue and with a sensible reset point. I.e. on the first clock pulse

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(edited to shorten)
LFO i think i prefer non-stripped down version, the 1u option would just be very limited in comparison to 3u options

They also have Quadrax coming soon in 3u, and i would personally like to see more essential 1u utilities filled out (im dying for unity mixers and clock dividers!!) before anything more esoteric

eventually though, id agree a utility 1u lfo would be cool as an option, but without Cv input for rate, no thx

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Fair enough. I guess it depends how you use your 1u row. I have my main functionality downstairs and the top 1u row is for ‘extras’. I.e. an extra lfo. An extra mixer, vca. Whatever. My powerhouse is in the main 6u.

By the way. There already is a unity mixer… the bipolar attenuator 1u module can be switched to unipolar and they are unity.

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yea i guess i do prefer to have more robust LFO… but you bring up a good point thatmaybe something of specific use to stay small could be nice… the NE Clep Diaz seems to be very effective as a clocked modulation with just clock input/reset and ‘step’ count under 1knob/cv

i know Quadratt can mix… i have a couple and love them… but its huge, and i need more quantity of unity mixing for many cv signals, so i propose a 6hp 1u dual/normalized (like the vca) precison adder/unity mixer

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Would you buy it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Thanks for making the poll steve

Manhattan Analogue do a 3u 4hp unity mixer if that helps. I have their 4hp audio mixer (non unity) and its great. DTA I think its called.

No problemo.

I would argue that in the 1U format a very simple LFO in as little HP as possible would make the most sense. Proper LFOs have their place in 3U and ideally would either simply be VCOs that double as LFOs or function generators that do all sorts of stuff. In 1U I would prefer to just have a rate knob and two to four outputs. Just to have something that wiggles when the more feature rich LFOs, VCOs and function generators you may have are used up and you just want to add vibrato or something like that. On the other hand a single channel of Quadra in 1U could be handy as well. But that would not really take away from the usefulness of a simple 1U triangle/square LFO.


I have to agree with you here. This is the kind of thing I mostly want it for. A bit of vibrato or variation. I added the other features out of greed. hahah. But I guess if you can fit in some of these features without making it much bigger it could be handy.
But I’d take smaller HP over loads of features any day. As you say we have 3U for that.

8HP would be ideal for me so I can get a couple, or more.

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