Zeroscope feature request

I don’t know if there are any plans to update Zeroscope - but it would be super useful if the value of volts could be displayed in one of the modes. Quite often calibration procedures of other modules require precise voltage monitoring. Since this is the primary task of Zeroscope - seems like a useful addition.



+1. would be great to have this in the update I hear you’re planning with a configurable screensaver time

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+1 thought it did it already ;-( hopefully not that hard to code.
Please really useful feature.

Variable screensaver time is available in the most recent version of the firmware. The volt value display is a good idea, but has not been implemented yet.

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Is there someway to freeze the screen? I had the 3u Zeroscope before this one and that is really an indispensable feature. If this feature doesn’t exist can it be added?

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Oh man, I just bought a zeroscope for this very reason, my mistake. I just thought it was a pretty basic function for an oscilloscope/meter.

Guys, this is a must, any idea if this will be implemented? Otherwise i’ll have to save for alternatives :frowning: