Zeroscope calibration

Is there anyway to recalibrate the Zeroscope tuner. It’s not giving me the right tune anymore compared to my software and my Iphone tuner.

Is it possible your ref frequency has gone out? Most tuners use A-440Hz as the ref so if you have another value that would explain the difference.

Harmonic content can sometimes throw it off too. Simple waves with a clear zero crossing like square and saw waves will be easier to detect, while harmonically complex tones will be more difficult.


I have problem with zeroscope to when i dont have anything plugged in i can se like its some noise moving Around the line in the middel of the scope, and its there when im plug in clean waveforms to. it gets a little hard when i have have to quickly calibrate the voltage and pitch from the waveform then the noise because you have to work a little to get it exactly, which may not be so important but still. do you know what it is that makes the center line not look stable but that it looks like it is constantly moving on and around the line, now I am blabbering on pixels that make the line fatter due to the noise around the line.

Probably best to reach out to if you haven’t already. Sending a video of the fluctuations with nothing connected would be helpful for diagnosis.

Also, what do you have set for the trigger settings?

Have make a video now, but its more then you se on there, will send to support. :slight_smile: