Zeroscope 1U 1.3

If you can shoot a video of you performing the video and send it to our support team at that would be good, we can see if we can find the problem there.

Updated to latest firmware this morning and it now “freeze” for about 10 sec before entering “screensaver”. Is this normal? should I contact support.

is there anyway to de-activate screensaver function?

You can roll back to v1.2 to disable the screensaver (link above). As we don’t build the firmware for this one, we’ll talk to VPME to sort out the issues with the screensaver.

It would be nice if you could set the screensaver to something longer than 60 sec. - such as 5 minutes, or even 30 minutes… maybe if there was a preference in the menus. Great idea to save the display - but the workflow for analyzing a patch now means I’m clicking that encoder every minute

+1 for this point - a screensaver is a fantastic idea, but 60 seconds is way too quick when you actually have a need to use the unit. I’d consider 5 minutes to be the bare minimum timeout for the scope to still be usable, and if it’s not configurable via the onboard menus, it makes a lot more sense to set it higher than that, probably 15 minutes.

After all, VPME / Intellijel were comfortable shipping the device with no screensaver whatsoever, so the assumption must be that they / you expect the screen to last many hundreds, if not thousands of hours of use, right? The risk comes about when people leave their modulars on for hours upon hours on end, sometimes looping a patch and sometimes doing literally nothing, just powered on. So in those situations, even having the screen turn off after an hour would still go a long way toward improving the screen’s lifespan.

While I do think the screensaver option is a much-needed enhancement for the unit, a forced unconfigurable 60 second timeout would drive me nuts. I will have to skip v1.3 but will keep an eye out for 1.4


can confirm. Driving me nuts.


Like I mentioned above, we reached out to Vlad to update the screensaver timing to something more reasonable and v1.2 is available above if it’s bothering you. Hard to put a timeline in this.

Same. Just bought this and was rather surprised to not find a setting to switch this off in the menu. Now having to find out how to update this module just to roll this back…first time I’ve bought a new thing and having to downgrade it :sweat_smile:

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Any news on this?

Could you post the 1.2 windows updater?

Sorry for the delay on all of this, between the shutdowns and having no control of the firmware on this module, it’s taking a lot longer to get an update that we hoped.

I’ve included 1.2 in both the Windows and Mac downloader.


Not to drudge up old stuff, just really interested to see a variable screensaver time/toggle implemented in the future, as the scope is very useful but it’s definitely hard to use to demo live for video purposes and such if it has to be adjusted to keep it from freezing

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I have requested this from VPME.DE so hopefully we can get an update soon :slight_smile:


1.4 is here!


excellent, thanks jel crew!

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Thanks a ton guys :smiley:

…and updated to 1.4a (initial release had a bug causing the module to hang when returning to the tuning page)

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Finally got my Zeroscope and immediately wished the screensaver wasn’t one minute haha. Awesome to see that Intellijel listened and responded!

If I didn’t know any better, I’d never have it enter screensaver mode. Any idea what we’re talking about in terms of shortening the screen life if we select “never”?

Eventually the elements on the screen that don’t change will begin to burn in and you’ll get “ghosting”. OLED displays seem to need to remain in motion to avoid that.

Thanks! I’m pretty sure it will suffice to use 5 minutes for most applications. On a rare occasion, maybe if I make a live video or something I’ll switch it over to one hour.

I have a question about Zeroscope: Lately I have been noticing that, when using it for tuning, sometimes the cent-reading gridline thingy seems “stuck” on the left and the tuning seems strange. Then I noticed that somehow the reference frequency has changed (I think it’s usually if not always been 471 Hz), and when I change it back to 440, everything is fine. Can anyone explain what’s happening?

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