XY pin outs question

Hello all. I just got an XY and have a question I’m wondering if folks can help with. When I plug a TRS cable into the X jack and use a multimeter to check continuity between the other end of the cable and the pins on the back of the XY, I get the following:

tip of the cable connects to pin 1
sleeve and ring of the cable both connect to pin 2
nothing connects to pin 3

I tried two different TRS cables, same result. And they are definitely TRS cables (not standard Eurorack TS cables).

My understanding per the manual (and logic) is that ring of the cable is supposed to connect to pin 3, not pin 2.

I may well be doing something wrong or not understanding something, but if anyone could help me sort this out, that would be great.

(FWIW, I plan to use this to tap into the 3-pin stereo out on the back of my Happy Nerding PanMix. It’s a slightly different header type, so I’ll just cut the Intellijel cable and the Happy Nerding cable and connect them together. Happy Nerding sent me a diagram of which pin is which.)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Which connector on the XY are you attaching to? What you’re describing sounds closer to what you’d get from JP2 (pin 1 → tip, pin 2 → ground, pin 3 → NC / tip of Y).

Cable is plugged into X jack, and I’m testing the rear pins on header JP1.

Hey, hit me up at support@intellijel.com and we’ll figure this one out!

Hey there, Danjel has already been in touch and is sending out a replacement. (It may be that this one was made with TS jacks instead of TRS jacks.) Thanks!