X/y simple converteur 1/4 to 1/8

I do not understand how (if possible) to connect my x / y to have two between mono to two mono output of my case. I only get one out of the two
Thank you

Make sure your link connector is on JP2 and use 1/4” TS cable not TRS.

Thank you for the answer. I tried and the sound only comes out of one output. The x.

Do you have other modules besides the XY connected to the case outputs?

no nothing at all. there is no power to the output bus? this might be a stupid question ^^

Mmmh. I would contact Intellijel support because in theory it should be working, it’s even suggested at the end of the manual as a possible way to use it.

yes, I know. basic I would like 2x/y if it works, to have 4 convention 1/4 1/8. Thank you for your reply. I will try to contact them.