Would this busy 62hp Palette work?


I’m planning the following 64hp Palette (or thereabouts):

ModularGrid says that it’s 1022 mA and 14 modules, the case specs are 1200 mA and 12 modules. I can plug a flying bus for the extra 2 modules but I’m not sure if the case would be too heavy on the power. Maybe getting the 60W brick (1500 mA) would be better?

Also, I know that the Disting EX doesn’t fit, if I go this route I’ll put some spacers…

You should replace that Mosaic VCA with the intellijel one. It is less hp and then you have some room to put some passive 1U modules like the LPG etc. hphttps://www.modulargrid.net/e/intellijel-dual-vca-1u

Using a 60W will definitely get you more power but at 1022mA with the 40W you should be fine.


Could have just been my unit, but I recently bought a Bitbox Micro to be the centrepeice of my 64 Palette and had annoying noise issues. I switched it to my Intellijel 7U Performance and the noise issue disappeared. But even all alone by itself in the Palette the Micro made digital noise. I asked around on the 1010 forum about it but got no help and no word from others about similar issues. I eventually sold the Micro as I specifically bought it for the Palette and couldn’t stand the noise issues.

Again, might have just been my unit, but you might want to make sure that if you purchase the Micro for this setup you get it with a return policy.

Looks fun like a super fun setup though if everything works out!

I know, I was just concerned about power management as this VCA require less, but in the end I’ll probably swap them because the difference is minimal.

That worries me, I hope yours was just a bad unit or something, because I too have purchased the Micro as the centerpiece of the case. I have yet to receive it, though, and by law I can ask for a refund should I send it back
Did you eventually find an alternative for your Palette?

Hopefully you have better luck than I did.

No, I have an ER-301 which I use for sampling duties, but I prefer to keep that in my bigger case so that it can be the centre of my larger patches. Also had an Assimilator in my Palette, but didn’t really gel with the way it handles multi-samples. The Micro was my last attempt to build a sample-based set-up in my Palette. It is ideal in a Palette if it works for you.

After that didn’t work I changed the concept of my Palette: from a sampler set-up to a MI set-up with Rings, Plaits, Marbles, etc. and now use my 7U as an effects, mangler rack.

Let us know how the Micro works for you in the Palette! It would be good to share the info either way.


The idea behind my Palette is that of a processor and recorder for external audio, and the Micro should act as a multitrack recorder of sorts (for CV as well). The two Ears will act as stereo mic, stereo preamp or dual controller depending on the needs.
I wanted everything in the case because I’m after maximum portability and immediacy so, given the available size, I thought that the Micro was the ideal choice. Also, I find the touchscreen appealing. I hope that everything will turn out fine!

I’ll report back when I receive the module.

Giant touch screens and any other electronic element that is going to have a large, fluctuating current draw are always going to be potential sources of noise in Eurorack systems. It is the unfortunate flaw of Eurorack that no dedicated digital power bus was part of the original plan.
Larger PSUs like the TPS80W have a better system in place for reducing these effects. i.e. room for much larger (lower impedance) ground planes and power distribution.


So, could it be possible to fix or mitigate noise problems caused by the Micro (or other similar modules) in the Palette by changing the power source? In this case, what type of power source would be compatible?

Following up on the Bitbox Micro noise, fortunately I’m not experiencing it greatly in may Palette, not much than other modules anyway. There is some crackling noise at very loud volume, but the brightness fine tuning helped a lot in subsiding it.

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