Wishful thinking.... intellijel/cylonix standalone poly synth(purely fictional)

My forwarding apologies if this topic is counterproductive or unwelcome, i don’t start topics much from a fear of breaking forums’ etiquettes. I know nothing about Intellijel’s future product release plans and don’t presume to interpret their artistic direction… Please just take this as a thread to put ideas out in the open and not as demanding anything from the synth-makers

I can’t be the only person who fantasizes about this… I’m constantly inspired by my Shapeshifter and Rainmaker… the sound in incredible, the control is unique, and the workflow is very easy, and they seem to be at the peak of musical technology. The poly synth market is saturated with so many mediocre price-point type synths that just don’t cut it for me. I typically don’t enjoy DCO synths, they seem too tame. Yes i know the new novation synth uses FPGA oscillators, but really the demos haven’t struck me nearly as well as the synth looks on paper or from what I hear out of my shapeshifter. The current market just really lacks general innovation in my opinion.

The basics I would envision… much of it relies on the idea of an internal mod-matrix

-6 voice digital FPGA synth, polyphonic, mono-timbral only (to maintain useful interface around the sound design)
-Desktop module enclosure (No Keyboard Attached), rack mountable, 5 or 6u
-All controls midi cc capable, however NOT semi-modular style as that would crowd the interface
-4 wavetable oscillators which in great Intellijel style act as the sound sources and also the lfos for a mod matrix depending how you route.
-Maybe said mod matrix could have a physical layout to have attenuators on all points? Such immediacy is welcome
-Oscillators can detune and ‘quantize ratio lock’ cascading down the line for cool sync fx and modulation
-Filter/Tone shaper of some kind? A departure from the norm would be cool
-2 ADSR envelopes with controls on the panel and routing in the mod matrix
-Keyboard Tracking in mod matrix. This is imperative on poly synths imo
-FX section? maybe reminiscent of a little brother to the rainmaker
-Sequencer? Step sequencer, polyphonic enabled with groove algorithms and parameter locking access to the mod matrix by level control of virtual wires
-1 or 2 aux inputs DC coupled for injecting external control signals into the mod matrix
-Preset system, for panel settings recall… however i like the ‘loose’ preset feel from the Cylonix modules.
-Lots of extra room open for the designer’s innovation of techniques that are far above my head

I would pay anywhere $1000-$2500 for a synth that was designed to perfection and built to last. I am not a fan of sacrificing sound quality or usability just to hit a low price point… i see this synth as a synth for synth enthusiasts, not beginners dipping their toes into music making. I see this synth as being proud of its digital nature and aiming at a refined sound with the finite tweak-ability and sweet spots of a classic vco synth.

Anyone else agree that this would blow away the current poly synth market by a longshot? Thanks for indulging my running mind. This post ended up being much longer than I first anticipated :slight_smile:



There have been some really incredible advances with respect to FPGAs and ARM chip combos and a lot of what you would like to see done is totally plausible. Obviously this represents a pretty massive undertaking by both intellijel and cylonix so if we did work on something like this it could take a few years to complete.

Thats hopeful when you talk about the developments and plausibility… and if my own imagination is limiting to what poly-synths have been in the past, then maybe the innovation of the designer who knows much more about FPGA ability would really take the synth to the next level by that time with features I don’t even know about. A massive undertaking no doubt… Personally i think there would still be a market gap in a few years for something like this. I think the market for poly-synths is toppling over with so many sub-par offerings that came from a craze of analog synth rebirth hype… once that settles everyone who spent $300 for a minilogue or boutique remake will quickly be looking onward for a more capable instrument thats unique but still fulfills the usability for all types of music that a poly synth workflow is great for.

Of course, im always down for more modules too :slight_smile: but the feel and immediacy of a self contained polyphonic instrument is something more modules will never solve for me.

We’ve been thinking along these lines, but nothing tangible…yet. There are so many ways one could take this, and we need to see what is focused enough to be readily understood and playable, yet flexible enough to allow a lot of room to experiment. And to come up with something new and not just another workstation.