Why is Linix Legacy?

Seeing as Linix pairs really well with the MutaMix, just curious as to why Linix is now legacy?

They are no longer being produced

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Why are legacy edition modules manuals no longer available? I go to the manuals download section, just because I’m curious and want to see what some of these did. Click on it. Gives be some kind of polite error message about how this module is no longer being made and is now legacy edition (I know that than you) but if I want to know more about it I can download it’s manual. Link. Click. Takes me back to manuals download. Takes me back to this is a legacy module page. I do this a few times, thinking that maybe it’s gonna take me to a different page. Finally learned that it won’t. I just want something to read! I just want to know how it worked or just even what it did!! Why is that so hard?!?!?!?!?!?

you might be on a phone, and the table on the support page with the manual links might be scrolled offscreen. the manual links work fine for me. (scroll over to the right.

I’ll see what i can do something to better highlight that on phones

But here’s the link from that page

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Ok thanks!

Yep just checked and needed to scroll to the side. Wonder shy it was doing that on the laptop. Weird. Well, anyway, it’s fixed now. Much thanks!