White Noise from Shapeshifter

Is there a setting to generate white noise from an Intellijel Shapeshifter?

There’s a few ways you can generate various types of noise.

The easiest way is to try this:

  1. Mult the FOLD output.
  2. Connect the multed fold output to the FOLD input, and your monitoring output.
  3. Turn the FOLD knob to about 1 o’clock.

Plus there’s a few noise wavetables, and if you assign these to the two oscillators and apply some INT FM or turn up MOD A to modulate OSC 2 you’ll generate some noisy tones. You can also play around with the different combo and pulse settings to generate various noisy tones. These won’t exactly be white noise, but they might do the trick or give you some more unique tones.


Thank you Scott! I will try the FOLD technique for my next studio experiments session. Would this method work without an oscillator like on a uFold, connecting the multed output?

Yes, the feedback loop created by multing the output and routing it to the input is all you need for a signal source.

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Thanks again! Shapeshifter as a modulator for Tetrapad and Tête is so much fun!

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