When will Steppy 1U be back in stock?

I’ve been planning my live system, and this is one of the key modules I am missing to tie everything together.

where are you? nightlife in canada has them.

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In in North America, and I totally placed my order with them! Thanks for the tip, I’ve been looking everywhere and all the main vendors in the states have been out of stock for a while now it seems.

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yeah, i think they’re probably on their way to many places, and nightlife got them first by being in the same city as intellijel

I hope they are on their way to many places. I’ve had a couple of these on backorder for months, and they were one of the first things I ordered!

A couple? I ordered one from nightlife and it should be here by Dec 1st!

They are in stock on our website. We’ll be updating the site regularly and a lot of restock should be happening quite soon. Also worth checking our b-stock section for some deals.

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