What's your Eurorack set up?

If a thread like this already exists, I could not find it.

What’s your eurorack set up?

I’d be especially curious to know what cases Intellijel has for demo videos and the thought process about how they selected/arranged the modules.

I have three cases but only use one at a time.


This is the largest case and I mostly use it with the octatrack as a sequencer and general companion.

The Atlantis was the first big module I bought, and this case is basically the Atlantis with additional oscillators that I especially enjoy as well as some utilities to keep things interesting.


Finally, I use this case with an iPad, the ES-8 is perhaps one of my favorite modules because I can patch all day long in Audulus and have it interact in the world of voltages.


edit: I can only post one image on my first post, seems reasonable.

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Main rackbrute attached to Minibrute 2S, eye level, psu, zeroscope, Audio IO mounted on the side in enclosures with ribbons tucked into the gaps on the side.
Everything is stereo friendly.

Normal path is Mixup > QPAS > XPAN > DSP2 > Mimeophon > Rainmaker > Jellysquashers L/R > Zeroscope (set to 2 channel mode) > Audio IO

External 1 channel DSO Scope monitors Mimeophon clk out (or whatever, but it sucks at locking on audio rate)
My left rack feeds into the Mixup, as well as I have an ART line mixer into the 3rd channel of the mixup.

The Planar 2 X Y outs are mult’d to the right.

Second rack to follow

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My sound source rack that feeds into the mixup out of the Quad VCA.
Sits to my left at eye level and facing me straight on, below it a spot waiting for me to buy a Rytm Mk2

I don’t own a Mindphaser yet, but I have the space reserved for it when it drops.
I now own a Metropolis

Quadra ENV 1-4 are mult’d to the 4 1U mults above with a long cable that goes behind.
Steppy commonly used to trig the Scanned and BIA.
The mult on the right is the LFO 1 and 2 from the Minibrute 2S, they then are the trig in for Quadra 1=1-2, 2=3-4
Scales main out on the mult adjacent feeding all other modules that require it.
Duat permanently wired to Korg Minilogue XD CV ins 1 and 2, it usually is patched to the Quadra Mults 1 and 3

Bloom requires two hands to use and is on the left for that reason. I hate using it, I might sell it though I like what it does especially constrained through Scales.

the blank at the top I made into a simple jack switch X to A or B

There is a big monster Yamaha EX5 at the bottom that my whole wooden platform was built around.

The platform is a 4’ by 2’ deck of finished pine attached to 2x12"s with a lip that overhangs to the buttons on the EX5. It is all on 4x4 legs with a shelf below for racks or whatever. Power connections clipped to the underside.

There is an Ableton Push 2 controller on a fixed arm to the right, a line mixer above, and a tube oscillator above all that.

It was designed so that I never have to hunch over and minimal looking down, everything is ergonomically desgined to fit me, I made several changes to angles and lengths to get it just perfect.

I wanted to be standing since I spend too much time sitting already.

PC with Ableton is around front, centered to the rack which both are centered to my speakers.

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Very nice set-up! The planar 2 is of particular fascination to me, it seems like it would be super fun to use with the QPAS and X-Pan.

Admirable! I remember watching the teaser video multiple times and being really impressed. Although you already have some excellent FM options. The Rubicon 2 is such an interesting design, but I have never had my hands on one but it really seems like you can design any waveform with it.

:laughing: My friend has like 3 of them, they are excellent sequencers, but I understand the desire to pack more lanes of sequences into the same space. Thing is, whenever I watch the mylarmelodies metropolis demo I just get hyped all over again. So my plan is to wait until the next version of metropolis is announced and then pick up a used original on the cheap :slight_smile:

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This is my system currently, but note, I don’t have the Bifold or mute module yet. My goal is mainly to produce sequence all the sounds I need in my system. Hence the amount of modulation, sequencing, and sound sources. Not pictured but essential is a cv.ocd which I use with the Vector Sequencer to provide more CV/Gate as well as drum trigger outputs.


This is my set up, I’ve mostly kept brands together for not much reason apart from it looks nice but I do like the flow and patching of the Intellijel modules, especially the Dixie, ADSR and quad VCA. I usually run output 2 and 4 out as a stereo signal from the VCA then filter>rainmaker>mixer. Voices go to the mixer on the right and the drums into the left hand mixers, then to a desk. Two x0xb0x and a Nord Lead rack 2 join the modular at the desk, with everything controlled from a Squarp Pyramid via 2 cv.ocds.