What USB cables are needed for Tete & Tetrapad firmware updates?

What are the exact kinds of USB cables needed to connect to the backs of the Tete and Tetrapad and update their firmwares? I failed to discover this anywhere in the manual or product descriptions. On the Tete, it looks like it could be either a “Micro-USB B” or a “USB C” connector, but I don’t trust my eyes fully. On the Tetrapad, it looks like it is a Mini-B. But is it a 5-pin? 4-pin?

Please confirm, Intellijel?

Just my 2c … the Update Instructions could be a little more explicit than “Connect a USB cable from the rear of the module to your computer.” Otherwise the documentation is stellar.

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I don’t have the TETE but if the quadrax, zeroscope and the plonk, which are all newer modules in the catalog, is to go by: micro-usb B.

hope this help.

I think you’re right about Micro-USB B for the Tete.

But it actually looks like the Tetrapad’s USB connector is Mini-B (no idea if 5 or 4 pin). They are definitely not the same.

We started using Micro-B connectors on modules a few years ago, some of our older modules still use Mini-B.

I’ll pass the feedback to the manual guy.

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