What order should I get my modules?

Hi guys! I’m a noob to modular and I was wondering the order in which to get my modules. I currently have an Erica Synth Black VCO, A-140 ADSR and a Erica Synth Plasma Drive. Should I get a filter next? or a VCA? I know i’m not gonna be able to make music until I get a few more modules which is fine but what do you guys thing is the next module for me to get? My goal is to be able to create tracks totally on the rack. Thanks guys

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In general? Maybe Muffwiggler or Modulargrid is a better place to ask.

Intellijel specific? Polarisfilter and uVCA. So you’ll have a small monosynth (together with your other modules).

Or do you mean: “What Intellijel modules are the most nice to have?” The answer to that one is obvious… “All of Them!”… “Times two!!”.

Oh… A case would be handy.

Hi, I’m new here but have been doing modular for a few months now and studying a lot, so I thought I would respond. My understanding is you need a VCA for your ADSR to control. Your Erica VCO looks like it’s designed in the subtractive tradition, and I have found that I almost never use my VCO without a filter, it’s just too many harmonics (my current VCO is only saw and square). So it would appear that you need both a filter and a VCA next.

As for creating tracks entirely “in the rack”, that’s something I’m also aspiring to do. But make no mistake about it, that’s going to cost a lot of money (relatively speaking, depending on how well off you are) and it’s going to require a lot of modules, depending on how many voices you are going for. Have you started building a “dream rack” at ModularGrid.net yet?

Yes, i’ve built some dream racks and started planning out the rack I’m currently working on. This has been by far the best answer, thank you. I think I’ll get a forbidden planet filter. Could you recommend a VCA?

Well, you’re here in the Intellijel Forum haha, Intellijel makes great VCAs of course. The Quad VCA is a no-brainer IMO, it’s only $35 more than their dual VCA, the uVCA II. And the Quad VCA just went back in stock. :blush:

Yes, I would say VCA then VCF would probably be the best order to go with. The exception would be if you wanted to make some evolving drones modulating the filter and didn’t care about controlling the volume.