What is the optimal case system we want from intellijel

I talked to an electrical engineer today who I know, he works on building advanced equipment for advanced heart and brain surgeries for hospitals and that he also programs them, a smart guy. They fix old electronics equipment and synth when they have some time left over because it’s fun. he became very interested in my idea of ​​building a modular case for all types of use. and that he has machines and everything needed.

so I want my eurorack case is a plate that I can put my keystep pro senna to be connected to on 7U case. then comes 7U case where I then want to connect 2 lines 1U which becomes a case, then there will be a total of 3 lines 1U if I connect it over 7U case. here there should be a lot of modules that require a lot of wiring, then tight wiring is gathered.

after 2U case, you should be able to connect any case 2U or 7U or 4U. and these must be able to be angled according to need and ergonomics.

so combo I come up with now that should work is

mounting plate so you can set your midi controller

2 row 1U case that fits with 7U Case Joiner conectors
3 row 1U case that fits with 7U + 2U + 3U joiner conectors.
3 row 1U case that you can easily convert to a 3U case for all mixing sum ect modules

my optimal setup is

sheet metal plate for midi connector
1 piece 3U case that can be connected to 7U case Joiner Plates
7U case Intellijell
2U case with Case Joiner Plates that are optimized for 7U case
7U case

other setup I am thinking of is

7U case
2U case
4U case

the idea is that everyone uses eurorack in different ways

why not do

a monolith system that can be connected in different ways for eurorack is not constant, you change and adjust modules here and there, and those who are going to be on a gig should not have to take more than they need and it is easy to put together a system with cases that already finished with modules.

as intellijel case as I myself have and love it and see great potential to become the most optimal case system that everyone wants.

1U case with Case Joiner Plates for 2U + 3U + 4U + 7U case, both at the bottom and the top. which you should be able to angle to the right position you want

2U case with Case Joiner Plates for 1U + 3U + 4U + 7U case, both at the bottom and the top. which you should be able to angle to the right position you want

3U case with Case Joiner Plates for 1U + 2U + 4U + 7U case, both at the bottom and the top. which you should be able to angle to the right position you want

4U case with Case Joiner Plates for 1U + 2U + 3U + 7U case, both at the bottom and the top. which you should be able to angle to the right position you want

7U case with Case Joiner Plates for 1U + 2U + 3U + 4U case, both at the bottom and the top. which you should be able to angle to the right position you want

when it comes to powersupply, everyone should have this alt 1U + 2U only have a busboard that has power contact on the front and back that can be connected to the other cases that have an indicator of how much power is used in total in the interconnected system, or that you has a small 1U module that shows how much power the system can handle in total and how much you have left to 70-80% to max.

and that you have a socket on the front and back or on the sides of the case that you connect the ground as hinton has.

I have many solutions. but first I will start drawing on a case with 3 pieces of 1U row case with suitable Case Joiner Plates that fits the intellijel 7U 104hp case which is optimal width in my opinion. this case should easily be rebuilt into a 3U case and put under the 7U case so that you can have it as a mix case, Case Joiner Plates should be able to be angled so that it fits the musician “Engineer” ergonomically …

is it just me who thinks in these paths or is it more than I who feel a need for this personal modular intellijel system. I love intellijell’s 7U case and all modules, however, it would have been good to be able to update the modules on the front or that there is a socket on the side of the case that you plug in usb that went to a cable that you plugged into all modules that have firmware, then you can just plug in usb from ipad or computer and open the app and it tells you which modules need to be updated and it does it automatically :slight_smile:

And may I do this and sell this for intellijel? what about laws and regulations? patent? does intelijell want to be part of this? Or do intellijell already has this under development with personal modular eurorack systems from 1U-7U 104 hp preformence case.

intellijel sells everything except the cases itself and a few other things you can fix in the new cases. I understand that there is no profit for intellijel hence that does not exist. but I think there should be an alternative where you specially order this, bend and laser cut some sheet metal, the neighbor blacksmith can do and build the case goes quickly as intelijell has all the components except the ones I mention to get it.

what do you want most from what I wrote in this post? would like to have a discussion as I know that many people have problems getting a good form factor on their system and have it neat and structured without large cases with a lot of empty space if you do not build it yourself.
which I should do when I get my macbeth mk2 vco and filters.

if you see a misspelling or a sentence that looks strange, write it down and I will correct it or explain what I mean :slight_smile:

Best regards

The cases I have are fine for me but you obviously have some detailed ideas.

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I’m perfectly happy with my 7U 84hp case, although I would have to loved if I’d been able to afford the 104hp version. That said, if I were to design an optimal case, it would need to have dedicated places for the three spring reverb tanks

Ye its all falling down to more 1U space. I love 1U for all ”stuff” to make it good so i can put in all godies on 3U rows, it will probably be that I get to build a case myself that fits the 7U case and laser cut out the 4U Case Joiner so that it will be like putting together two 7U cases.
there is a lack of space with me so I also have to think about every mm.


Are you asking something or pontificating?

I do like the current solution. I’d put the 1U center, but even that isn’t necessary.

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I’m close to exactly what I want, with a 104hp palette in front as a control/sequencing section, with 2x7u 104hp cases. Currently though, off to the side I have a 62hp palette. I really want to sell that and get a second 104hp palette, but have it mounted over the top 7u case, angled slightly forward. That would be the best use of space for me, but making side panels that connect into the 7u would be beyond my DIY abilities.

This is my setup now

I have rearranged the case so that it looks like a modular grid. as you can see I need more mixers and vca mults addlers in the case etc. to get all modules working at their max.

But i have modules to fill one more 7U case and 2 more rows more of 1U modules over 2 7U case that I have. And all my other gear on the left with my pc that you cant se on pic.

for me it would have been perfect with a 3U case that I can put under 7U case with “intellijel case jointers that do not exist yet” which I will have as trigger clock and mixing case “a hub between keystep pro interfase and cubase” and a 3U case with 3 1U rows to collect all utilitys and mono / stereo and all brilliant XY modules.

but absolutely optimal would have been for me anyway

from the bottom up 3U + 7U with 1U in the middle + a case with 3 pieces 1U rows in a 3U case + 7U case

3U + 7U + 3U + 7U and everything must be able to be joined together.

I can build this myself but with everything that intellijel has, but it would have been really cool if intellijel produces case jointers that allow us to build our setups exactly the way we want it.

all I talk about are just ideas and thoughts on how others solve the problem to build an optimal system where all the modules you have are fully used.

only when I saw XY I / O 1U Switched Mult 1U which is sickly brilliant, you only want half a 1U line in each case as you can do a lot with just these modules in a mono / stereo environment plus much more

Intellijel should be giving me satellite navigation!! That’s the future… uture… ture…ure…re…re…r…r…

I’ve got a 62hp & a 104hp palette case and love them both too much to ever think of getting rid of them because they’re just so portable for different needs. Since you asked tho:

I’m not into vertical setups I see lots of wigglers use so I wish they made a 160hp 4U or 5U (1-3-1) palette that shipped with some blank tiles so it didn’t feel ‘empty’ for so long. I love the 1U functional stuff from Intellijel (and Mosaic, and Plum Audio, etc.) and that’s SO much real estate to fill. I think 1U adaptations of modules like ‘Mixup’ would keep the ‘guts’ of it clean which I think we’re gonna’ see more of anyway and the price difference between long leads and short leads is sort of negligible at the end of the day too so no biggie there either.

1st world problems for sure! I just know that eventually I’m going to get rid of the 7U 104hp Synthrotek case I’ve got, swap it for the same price as a 4U 64hp palette, and still need to pick up another 104hp Palette because I like arranging my shit left to right like a keyboard - not up and down like a tower…

So much easier on the dinner table.

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you mean this?

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exactly, I love 1U format and my first choice of case is intellijel, but now when it starts to be more 1U modules than 1U places it starts to get hard. all we need is

3U case
4U case
7U case

where all cases should have holes so that you can adjust if you want only 1U rows in the 3U case or if you want the 1U row in the middle of the 7U case, which I think is optimal if you have a 4U case above the 7U case.

all intellijel needs is to make more holes in their cases so that you can change the position of the rails. and manufacture case jointers that allow me to connect all types of intellijel cases in the same hp.

then I am the happiest person in the world, where I get my system exactly as I want it ergonomically and structured. as well as more space for 3U modules, waiting for my macbeth and my ahj and colored mixers ect. then im done with my system.

so I hope it happens within 2 years because then my system should be ready :slight_smile: Is it just me who has these thoughts that the case should be an ecosystem that can be shaped according to how the person wants to work with it?

I think that 104hp is completely optimal for me, if I had more space, the case would have been down as it is better for the jacks on the modules.

One question: which are the jackets that have the highest quality, when you have to change them. I like those who are on the vermona patch cable sit really well in the same ones in Doepfer but they may not be the ones with the highest quality?

Same on highest quality Potentiometers? Dont like tha plastic ones coz I must be very easily with them as they are not stuck in the aluminum plate as the jacks are.

Yes i love them and with the Switched Mult 1U and XY IO 1U module and LPG and Dual VCA 1U ect its briljant in a small package:):slight_smile: with all the stereo modules and FX modules you can make outer world soundscapes :slight_smile:

Nah check out the 3U Mixup with the 3 switches on it. It’s the switches that bring the meat to the table for me (or something else if you’re vego I guess) because of the ‘immediacy’. You’re not ‘dialling in’ a signal. It’s only a 6hp mixer but super useful - far more useful than a mixer you dial in signals with- and because it’s so narrow- that’s the sort of thing that might be equally great as a 1U format module.

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I love them but will not put them in the system until intellijel made a 4U case with case jointers that fit both above and below the 7U case :slight_smile: and that you should be able to angle jointers as needed if it is below or above the 7U case for ergonomics.

To gett best resultat its good with both Stereo Mixer 1U and 3U mixup for maximum routing with sett and dry signals and blend mono/stereo ect. And all the patch clutter can be orginized around there. And no clutter where i blend and mix