We who have bought version 1 of modules and cases

I can think that we who bought a module and then have to buy the same module which is version 2 should get a discount, we have to spend twice as much money for the same system, because you change and adjust modules all the time from intellijel, I do not know if it is a business idea, and then it is a very bad business idea, then you then come over to another brand that makes modules that last over time.

just like umidi is version 2 now and i can not use the expanders is an example. and the case is updated so that you have to buy new stuff of the same.

there should be a thinking at intellijel where you build modules so that they are future-proof, etc.

I’m done with intellijel as I get to spend money on the same things that are updated with new features. it should be included in version 1 that everything is compatible with everything.

I switch to another brand that is sustainable when it comes to building a system that lasts in the long run and that you do not have to buy the same thing twice just because it is a different format with the same functions.

Example Palette Cases do not support Intellijel’s old Audio IO 1U module
And umidi v1 dont support new umidi

Ect ect

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I appreciate it is frustrating but it is the same in all walks of life and nothing particular about Intellijel. I am sure they would get more complaints if they never updated their products. Remember that they are a small business at the end of the day and have to profit to continue developing and selling new products. They are not like Apple who can give you a big trade-in discount. The upside is that the original modules you bought don’t stop working because newer versions come out and they are just as functional and useful as the day you bought them! In fact, they ARE everything you thought they were when you bought them. Nothing has changed! Isn’t that amazing??


Also, euro modules hold their value pretty well. When Metropolix came out I sold my Metropolis for 300 pounds. The Metropolix and GX therefore cost me 250 pounds instead of 550 pounds. And someone else is enjoying a Metropolis which is still a brilliant sequencer. If I had space and the money I probably would have kept it as it had not changed one bit since the day I bought it, and was still everything I decided to spend the money on 18 months ago!


Another thing you have to remember is that technology and components move on. I am not an engineer but I am sure there are parts that become obsolete and better ways of doing things that only become apparent over time. Therefore it is probably not always possible to both develop exciting new products and maintain backward compatibility.


They don’t officially support it, but it’s certainly possible to make it work - you’d need to make an adapter cable (or use individual jumper wires) to match up the signals from the Audio I/O to the two 6-pin Audio Jacks connectors of the Palette. This diagram shows the pin assignments: 6-pin Audio Jacks Connector pinout? - #2 by kamil

I’d love to see you try this logic at a car dealership. A module does the same thing after an updated version as it did before - if you prefer the new one to the old one, that’s what markets like Reverb / eBay / etc etc are for.

  1. You don’t “have to buy” anything twice. You can keep using the module you originally purchased. You not having the latest feature set does not mean your system becomes unusable. The module still does exactly the same things you purchased it for.

  2. “Modules that last over time” is just another way of saying “modules that are never improved upon.” They aren’t future-proof; they are frozen in time. There is only so much you can do to future-proof a module via firmware, because eventually you run up against the limitations of the hardware. If Intellijel never released the new MIDI 1U, you’d be complaining that another company’s newer MIDI to CV module is better.

You’re just upset you don’t have the latest and greatest anymore. Sorry, but that’s life.


Ye life is a bitch, its the functions and smaler size and smarter way to do things, and another problem is that they make case that dont fitt together like 7U case and 4U case, how hard can it be to make a plate that can have different angels with a screw and to make it work, i Will make a plate that fitt 7U case and make it so i can have different angels on 4U. And start to sell it coz intellijel dont do it.

And why dont they do a 3 row 1U case so all 1U is together coz now we can have all the utilitys and mixning in 1U.

Otherwise i love intellijel for there quality and smart modules but i hate when they come out with a smarter and smaler module coz there arent 1U case and place enough:(

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logic at a car dealership? Do you buy a car everytime you buy a eurorack module?

I have to apologize for my negativity yesterday, had a bad eurorack day yesterday :slight_smile:

but one thing I will start drawing on is Case Joiner Plates that a user has already started drawing and building on, I will do the same but with joiners that you can angle to need and can be used for all intellijell case and other brands on case m.m.

Does anyone have a drawing with measurements of the Case Joiner Plates that are available? otherwise I have to buy everyone and work after that. I have people who have all the machines to do this. and make a case with 1 row 1U that you can build on with several 1U and connect this to any case, however, this is more complicated as you need to take leftover power either from 7U case or 4U case. shall look at this with.

I do not want to be negative but to find solutions to what I myself see as development in the ecosystem based on what already exists.

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