We could use some Wascally Wabbits in our racks

Had a pang for some VolumeShaper style hardware today, and thought something like this could be incredibly useful. Originally I tried to fit four separate and then three separate sidechain env generators but this proved more comfortable all around. same exact size as a Pam’s.

Env is a one shot, NOT clock synced, Time is the total duration of the envelope. I really have no idea if this is possible to make but at least the front panel is. It is designed to be a VCADSR (sort of) that works upside-down, lowering the volume, like a sidechain plugin would do.

As a big bonus, since I thought this curve would be useful for a variety of things, including filters or other VCAs, Mixers with CV control etc, each Wabbit has 3 ENV OUTs to send to whatever you want.

Anyway, just leaving that there to see what people think of the concept and if you may have suggestions to improve it.

Superbooth next week baby.

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