Watershed Dub (Another Rainmakerpatch)

Another patch on the Rainmaker. And I think Eek a Mouse is saying something nice about Intellijel :wink:

This patch was inspired by an examplepatch of Intellijel if I`m not mistaken (how to make chords).

I used the combsize for the feedback of the delay. That`s the upcoming noise. What I really like, is when you don’t feed anything in this patch you get some kind of vinylcracking…

Enjoy! (or not…)


Yessss, sounds great! This hits on my favourite style of electronic music. I use the Shapeshifter + Rainmaker for this kind of thing almost exclusively.


Thanks again! I appreciate you`re making time to listen. Especially when there is so much good music (and great patches!) to listen too. Nice to read this kind of sound is right up your alley.

Shapeshifter. Ooh, drewling on that one. From the more expensive modules, the Shapeshifter is second (#1 = Tastychips ECR-1) on my wishlist. It would replace my NW1 (which is nice BTW) in my system. But I would have to sell that (NW1) one (and probably some other gear) first. Will there be a successor in the near future?

Maybe some day, but not in the near future, we’ve got a lot of other projects to tackle first!

Great. Then I’ll keep on saving money for the Shapeshifter (would be a bummer to buy one, to find out the next day there is a new version).

BTW, with expensive I meant “a lot of money” not: “a waste of money”. :slight_smile:


OK. So the Shapeshifter has become #1 on my list. Ordered one and it should be here tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:



Make sure to check out chord mode and the chord “drive” feature. Those are my go-to for dub chord stabs.

I received the Shapeshifter last week from a dealer. Unfortunately it seemed a bit damaged during transport (probably). But that did not prevent me to play with it a bit. Very very nice product! But I don`t think at this point (unfortunately) it will add, except the vocoder, more to my sound-palette then I already have (NW1, FM-Aid and making Chords with Pitch-shifters). In the past I had a a-199 Spring-reverb and kind of regret selling it. So…

I bought a Springray2 with three tanks. A really nice partner to the Rainmaker. And instant “dub”…

Last day of the year… UPS knocking on my door… A fresh ShapeShifter! (before sending the other one back, I played some more and got hooked by it`s features…)

Anyway, to all at Intellijel… Have a good start of the new year and may it be a healthy one! (not only the start, but the whole year!)