Vertical mounting of 104hp 7u performance case

Looking for a solution to securely mount the case on a shelf in vertical position. It’s very wobbly stood up like this and more than once I’ve almost pulled or pushed it over while patching. In the past I’ve used pedalboard velcro and some boxes but not really satisfactory (only helps with the pushing, can still pull the whole thing forwards).
Closest thing I found is desktop 19" rack stand, but these are not vertical. Still some fixing/mounting to work out with that
Anyone cleverer than me with suggestions? In this older picture, it just had a breeze block behind it!

I have that 19" rack (from K&H), and it’s fine and sturdy, but if you want to tilt it to 90 degrees, you’ll have to weigh down the rear cross bar.

Looking at your photo, why not screw some (slightly elevated) pieces of flat metal to the bottom of your case, that you slide in similar recipients fixed on top of your bottom construction. Very cheap, and will keep it in place, unless you pull the whole rack out horizontally.

Thanks! Yes I have a couple of thin slabs of concrete I could use for that, I would still have to attach the case to the frame somehow… Good idea for some kind of bracket to slide into and hold it rigid, I’ll think more about that.

You have a number of screws on each side you can use that mount the leg plate. No reason why you can’t use one of them on the bottom to put an L bracket that can mount to the shelf. You will need to get slightly longer flat head screw. Or the screws on the back that mount the buss board in place one on each end again Two L brackets mounted to the the shelf. You can get all kinds of L brackets at the hardware store. You may have to drill your own holes to mount to the case. If you don’t have a drill press and you live in Toronto I can help you with it. I have several 104hp 7u performance case

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You could use the pre-existing mounting system (used for the carrying strap and for the joiners).

Ideally there would be a bracket that could attach to the shelf on one end and fit perfectly into the retaining latch, but an 80% solution might be to find some regular angle-brackets that mostly fit (image for concreteness, not a specific recommendation):

Then you could screw those to the shelf, long-side parallel to the front. The case slides onto both uprights


Thanks @Goliathus and @al2o3cr!
I live in the UK so can’t take you up on your offer @Goliathus, but I’ll look into these ideas as I have forthcoming holiday (and actually a little time to spend on this!)

I framed my 7x104 in a plywood holder, angled to my eyes when I stand centered. The holder is bolted to a finished 4x4 which is bracketed to a stand that I built to tightly fit over my EX5. The case can be pulled out. I ended up wanting to raise it up and have a pocket for wires so it now rests on some 2x4 blocks.

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If you don’t mind drilling a few holes, you could use a computer monitor stand and just vesa mount it.