Using USB Extender with other modules (eg Rainmaker)?

Is there anything Metropolix-specific about the USB Extender?

It would be nice to use the Rainmaker preset manager without removing any screws.

No all it does is bring the USB port out to the extender, could be used with anything.

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Correct, it can be used with any USB module provided you have the correct cable


Depending on the location of the USB port on the module of course.

I don’t believe you could have a USB cable connected to the Rainmaker while it’s mounted in the case. I think the USB port is up against the rails usually. I guess it would depend on the case, or you would need to be clever about attaching it after it’s been mounted.

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No you can’t for sure as I bought one for my rainmaker and I couldn’t get it back in the case as the connector cable sticks out to much due to the location of the port.

Good call-out. There’s definitely not much room in there around the Rainmaker port; even one of these seems questionable:

And if that mechanically fit when assembled, I don’t think it would clear the rail in a Palette when removing the module from the front. :crying_cat_face: