Using Maths to change the octave on Scales

I looked at the Scales manual for the Shift input, but am a little confused. I’m running my Mimetic Digitalis into Scales and then on into my DPO 1v/o input.

Should it be possible to use channel 2/3 on Maths to shift the octave up or down using the Shift input on Scales? I know it will not be a true octave shift because it wont be in 1v increments, but i’m looking to not have to purchase a new module, and just use what I have.

Yes, this is possible. It will depend on your settings in the CONFIG menu on Scales. I’m assuming you’re using OUT A to DPO, so you would want to make sure the SHIFT target is set to OUT A.

Also, because Maths channels 2 and 3 either provide a fixed voltage, or attenuvert an incoming signal, you’ll have to adjust the knob until it’s shifting by an octave. If you want to provide a dynamic change in octave range bouncing from one octave to another, you would have to use a sustained gate. So when the gate is held it jumps up an octave, and when the gate is released it returns to normal.

Hope that makes sense!


This is great. Now I am thinking about all the ways I can use my Pams to adjust the Shift input!


If you’re using Pam’s New Workout and not the original, remember that you can change the level in Pam’s and don’t need maths. It’s a maximum of 5v so it seems like setting it to 20% would give you 1v exactly.


Gonna try this tonight! Thanks!

You’d need a gate for a 1V square in PNW, right?
Or is there a way to have PNW output a static voltage?

Well since OP brought up PNW in the first place I assume he wants the octave shift gated :slight_smile:

But yeah, if you set a channel’s division to On, it will be a static voltage.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that.

I have been using it for a while now. PNW gated and static. It works great!