Using a Digiverb 1U in a Palette Case

Greetings. I have a Palette that I’m looking to use as an effects case, and I would like to get a Digiverb 1U to flesh out the 1U row with my Multi-FX 1U. The problem is that I’ve seen Digiverb 1Us that vary in depth, depending on how close the digitank is soldered to the PCB: one Digiverb fit in a Palette just barely, while another didn’t, being too deep by about 1-2mm.

Generally speaking, is a currently released Digiverb supposed to fit in the Palette by design? I.e., if I buy a new Digiverb today, will it fit in my Palette? Or will I need to hunt down a used one that isn’t as deep?


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All Digiverbs are soldered with long pins that are allowed to bend. You just need to bend it a few degrees forward to fit in a palette. It does not void the warranty nor will it cause any kind of harm to the module.


Excellent, thank you.

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