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Using 7u Lid as Stand for Case

I thought that the lid for my 7u 104hp Stealth would make a handy platform to raise the case up behind a keyboard but when the legs are down (preferred) they juuuust fit at the very edge. I don’t have confidence that this would be safe in a live performance.

Does anyone have good (or bad) experience with using the lid this way or have any hints for making it safer?

I’m thinking that some official Intellijel rubber or plastic “shoes” that would slip on the feet and widen them a bit (or maybe even have a little angle that goes down the side) would make the case more secure mounted on the lid.

tape it w/ gaff? subs waves will shake it off guaranteed. while youre at it tape the lid to the table or keyboard stand and tape that to the floor. and anything else that needs to stay put for the show just tape it haha

Thanks… What is this? The Red Green Show? :wink:

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