Using 7u 104hp and 7u 84hp together

I successfully filled all gaps in my first 7u 104 hp case. After that I planned to expand it via 4u c 104 hp but there are no joiners for 7u/4u combo :frowning: (and this is so strange)

I think about new 7u 84 hp and put next to the 104 hp case in one big 188hp combo. I don’t know if how good it be in terms of patching and ergonomic and need some help with understanding of this.

Why 84 instead of another 104? 104 is very close to limit of cabin size (especially with a bag) and it’s quite risky to be stopped at the airport. I configured setup in modular grid and 84 is ok for performance case

The two cases would sit at the same angle side by side, so ergonomically it would work fine.

Something like Octalink or just buffered mults might be useful if you want to bridge patches between the cases.

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Thank you Scott.

Octalink looks very useful but how good these modules transfer audio signal. wires in the Eth cable are so tiny

It’s recommended in the Octalink manual that you go through a buffered mult first with audio signals.