Uses of quad inverter

hi all. I received a quad inverter but tbh I’m not sure how to maximize it’s usage. any cool tips/tricks you wanna share? what about other utility modules that pair well for interesting possibilities? I’m thinking a triatt might open the door to sidechain/ducking effects (dc offset negative envelope?)

basically all I’ve come up so far are some fun delay phasing/comb filter effects! thanks!

still nothing? hmm also I’ve found that if you have a triatt there is really no real need for a quad inverter
– well, unless you really want to invert four separate signals… the three on the triatt seem good enough for me.

makes a great osc waveform out mixer. For example, the Shapeshifter, or any other multi-outputting sound generator. Attenuverting/ mixing envelopes/ LFOs, offset control for modules w/ no knobs, mixing/ inverting filter types for different modes, etc.

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Absolutely! I’m a big fan of the triatt, many uses. But my question was actually about the quad inverter. I acquired one recently and really haven’t found a use for four separate inverters, other than for delay feedback mixing for some interesting comb filter effects…

It’s good for use on logic and gate signals

oh. cool. I think I was thrown by the warning on the website: “This is not used for inverting gates. For this you need a logic inverter as found on the Plog module.”

So this won’t invert a gate from low to high, but there are uses in logic of inverting the gate from positive to negative?

I’ll try experimenting with it on logic and gate signals and see what I can come up with. thanks.

Oh right, you’re talking about that inverter. Yeah, it’s not what you want for logic. It is good for waveform mixing though, especially for making new types of LFO shapes if you mix multiple oscillators.