uScale II 0-10V in/out question

Dear Intellijel,

I am currently awaiting the arrival of a uScale II.
While reading the manual I wondered about the in- and output of the module, which has a range of 0-10V 1V/oct. I have a Mother32 and Dixie 2+ and know these modules function within the range of -4-4V for C0-C7. Can you enlighten me on how to use these different ranges with each other? Is the uScale II designed to be used with a DC offset?

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I use ALM Busy Circuits Beast’s Chalkboard to push around voltages. I still don’t get the M-32 to track well for more than a few octaves…
At some point I’ll bring in a precision adder to the mix.

Chris Meyer has a good explanation of matching voltages and octaves: