USB Power 1U with TPS30 Mini

The Intellijel web page for the USB Power 1U says

Compatible with the TPS30 MAX and TPS80 busboards. TPS30MINI board requires an adapter.

What kind of adapter is this? How would USB Power 1U be connected to a TPS30MINI?

Would love to know as well! :slight_smile:

This is actually old information that I thought had been corrected. The original TPS30W MINI did not have the 5V jumpers for the USB Power 1U module, but the new one does. If you have a new one, no adaptor is required.

The adaptor would basically be a jumper extender. You need something to take the +5V and -5V pins GND pins and extend them so they can be connected to the 2-Prong USB Power ribbon cable. You also need to be careful that you correctly align the positive and negative sides.

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Got it. But just to be sure, Intellijel does not sell any adapters for the older (or other) boards at this point? Assuming a little weekend DIY is necessary?

That’s correct. Intellijel does not offer an adaptor at this point.

If you’re planning to DIY it, the pins of the USB power connector just go to +5V and GND of the power supply.

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Yep. Thank you for the clarification!