USB Power 1U - Intellijel 7U/104 Case (2022/3)...?


New to Intellijel 7U Case..
I just got the USB Power 1U and don't see a 2 pin/5v to plug it in....???

The only 2 pin I see, say CV or Gate… but no 5v…
Found a forum thread from 2018-20 but it seems the boards have changed since and the latest
manual for both USB tile and Case aren’t up to date…
I see 5v in the 16pin slots, but would rather not use one of those for this tiny lil thing if possible.
Guess they got rid of the 5v pins???

Any advice out there is super appreciated.

~ N.

Hey N.

What rev is your TPS?

The Intellijel website photo:

The +5V headers are above the first “e” in “intellijel” on the first board, and under the 5th header (counting from left to right) along the top edge of the second board.

My boards are a bit different - in fact I only have 1, across the bottom… but I DID find them!

Thanks @mrhooks & @nasaspaceuniverse, for making me take another look… after I thought I had scoured the entire case 10 times over!