Usb midi out on palette 62

i have a question about the usb port on the palette 62 cases. the manual states it’s only a midi in port, but as far as i know, usb is bi-directional, so it confuses me a little…

i have searched the forum and manual and not found a clear answer to this, except for the stating of the fact that it is an input only. i would like to know why, and if there’s a work around.

for instance, plum audio makes these 1u ornament and crime modules that comes with an usb adapter for the palette. would it allow me to use the cv to midi mode in captain midi?


anyone have any clue? should i message support with this question instead? i just want to know if the usb port is somehow blocked from sending data out or not.

The USB port is just a regular bidirectional USB port.

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thanks @kamil, i’m glad to hear!

Hi again, reviving this thread: is it possible to use the Palette’s USB port with modules that have a USB port on their back? I thinking of using a custom-made bridging cable to connect the module’s USB port with the 10-pin MIDI connector in the case. Is such a thing possible?

Thanks for any info.

Yes, check the pinout of the header here:

Great news, thank you.