Usability suggestions for Steppy's Tap Recording mode

There are a couple things about Steppy’s tap recording mode that make it harder to use. It would be nice if this could be improved in a future firmware version:

  • Quantize the recording to the nearest step. Currently it seems no matter how late in a step I play, it sets the currently active step. There are a lot of times I’m listening to the triggers as I record, and it sounds fine, but on the next loop they play a step early. I’m sure it’s because I’m anticipating the beat slightly. I have to make a point to press the buttons slightly late to get the desired pattern, which feels unnatural. If I press a button after a step is more than half over, please enable the following step instead of the current one.

  • Make the passthrough triggers (the triggers you can optionally hear when recording) be passthrough gates that respect the track’s gate time (not how long I hold down the button). I had a longer gate going to an ADSR envelope, and it sounds completely different when recording vs playback. It would be nice if it was consistent.

Basically, both these suggestions are to make what I hear while recording be as close as possible to what I will hear when I play back / on the next loop.