Updating uMidi 1u

Maybe I’m missing something but how are you supposed to update the module or know which firmware you’re using? I thought the USB port is not active which is how you update the 3u module…or am I mistaken?

It’s updated via the USB port on the front panel. The instructions are in the firmware updater application, select µMIDI from the module dropdown and you will see them.

I’m talking the 1U format. I don’t see an USB port on the front panel.

I also didn’t finish my thought it appears. I meant the USB port on top of the 7U case I thought was not active.

The USB port at the top of the 7U case should connect to the µMIDI 1U via a ribbon cable, and then functions just like the USB port on the front panel of the 3U version.

Excellent, I thought I read it was currently not used by any module, but I may have been mixed up with the MIDI OUT.

Much appreciated.

The MIDI out is currently not used by any module, correct. The MIDI In and USB ports are used by the µMIDI 1U.

What about Midi through?
Can you connect a device sending on several channels through USB and will they then all be sent out through the DIN Midi through?
That would be radically practical!!

No, the MIDI Thru is electrically connected to the MIDI IN port

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I see. Thanks!