Undesired behavior on saving with Rainmaker 1.09/142


I recently upgraded to the newest beta versions of the firmwares.
I realized that there is one - in my opinion - big problem: if the comb filter is set to off, then the settings of the comb filter are not going to be saved in the preset. This is quite a problem because the activation of the comb filter is used as a performative tool. So, I think that it should be possible to set the comb filter to a specific setting, turn it off and then save the preset and get those settings back when loading the preset and turning the comb filter on.

Do you also encounter this problem or is it just my device that has this behavior?

thank you for the attention,

I believe this was also the case in the past (current release) firmware. If I recall correctly it was to allow you to load delay and comb settings from two different presets.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Hmm, so it’s not a bug. From now on I will save with both effects turned on then.

not in front of it, but i think in the current release if when you load the preset, you press the encoder and load button at the same time then it loads the entire preset fully.

I think it’s other way around, pressing load and enc loads the active section. Pressing enc loads the saved preset fully.