uMIDI1u and Palette problem

Hi there,

So I’m using a uMIDI1u with a Palette 62. I’m able to send midi to the usb midi in on the palette case, but when I try using the midi in on the mini jack I get nothing.I used 2 different mini trs to midi cables, although they are not the intellijel ones, (I seem to have lost them), but it’s still not working. Any thoughts on what it could be? Do I need intellijel branded cables to make it work?

You can only use Type A MIDI to TRS cables.

I’ll copy/paste from our FAQ entry below:
Our 4U 62HP Palette cases use Type A MIDI to TRS adaptors. These are the same used by Korg and Make Noise, while Arturia and Novation use Type B adaptors.

It’s also worth asking what you are using to send MIDI. Many devices require you to activate the MIDI output in the menu settings.