uMidi with Ableton reset CV

Hello! I am using a uMidi with Ableton via USB and it is receiveing information and working properly. I am trying to find a way to have the uMidi send reset CV to my other Eurorack modules when Ableton reloops. Right now it sends a reset signal out when I manually start, stop, and restart Ableton with my space bar, but not when any given loop restarts within the loop brace in arrange mode.

The issue is when Ableton reloops with the loop bar, the external sequencers in the eurorack do not know to reset. So when that loop restarts, the sequencers may be somewhere in the middle of their sequence and just recommence at that step instead of restarting the sequence the same way Ableton does and they will be out of sequence with any in the box operations in Ableton.

I need to find a way to have them receive a reset signal from the uMidi when Ableton reloops so my external sequencers can reset and play along properly with the loops I have in Ableton. I know I could just set the sequencers the exact same length as the Ableton loop is that I’m working on but there are times when it would make sense to just play a portion of a sequence.

Is that possible?

…help? Thanks!!!

You would need to be able to get Ableton Live to send a MIDI reset message when it loops around. I don’t think there’s any easy way to do that by default, maybe it’s possible with Max4Live…

Would a midi note at the end or beginning of the Ableton loop sent out of the umidi gate or trigger as the reset (rather than the dedicated reset) not work? Assuming you are not using gate or trigger for other things.