uMIDI update fail

Hey hive mind! I need some urgent help, I have some tempo fluctuation issues when I connect Ableton to my Eurorack via Intellijel uMIDI, so I thought maybe the first step is to update the firmware?

I currently have firmware version 1.14 so trying to update to 1.15 and it’s giving me a few error messages including:
invalid DFU suffix signature
no DFU capable USB device available

thanks a lot in advance

Hi @motez, you can also direct this sort of thing to

The DFU error is just the usual error stating that the device is not detected. Are you holding the LEARN button and is the USB cable connected when you boot up µMIDI? Sometimes just changing cables or ports can make a difference. Sometimes connecting or disconnecting hubs or other devices can fix it.

What version of Ableton are you running? Are you connecting via USB or a MIDI port? Ableton is sometimes not a stable clock master, but your audio interface and buffer settings can also play a role in the system performance.

I had the same problem with the Doepfer MSY2 and finally found in some message board that Ableton apparently does not send Midi Time Code which the Doepfer needs. Maybe it is the same problem? We solved it with running Ableton as a slave.

are you sending lots on the MIDI bus? It’s easy to get Ableton to generate more MIDI than what fits on a hardware MIDI bus. If you use line automation (as opposed to drawing one automation message every discrete interval like 1/16 or 1/32) Ableton generates a TON of midi and will happily delay its own clock because of this.